It’s been 10 months since Junior came into our lives. He has been worth every stress wrinkle, stretch mark, and blouse stained with spit-up.


He will NOT, however, be the excuse for me being out-of-shape.

I used to run races.


I used to climb mountains.


I used to climb mountains pregnant. (about 5 months along here)


I needed to get back in shape. So I tried out CORE40, a fitness studio with various locations in San Diego County. The first class is free for new students so I had nothing to lose.

I took CORE40 Pilates: Foundation, which involved these massages beds.


JK. They’re not massage beds, they’re called megaformers. They make things harder.


WAY harder.


With a c-section, my core strength was virtually nilch. Pilates will help to bring that back, and boy did I feel sore the next morning.

It was the perfect combination of high intensity, stretches, and cardio to help me get back to the woman I used to be.

A bonus perk to the class, there is only a set number of megaformers, so you know you will never be “sardined” into a fitness class. Plenty of space, plenty of one-on-one help, if needed.

If you happened to be in the San Diego area, check out CORE40