Everywhere you look on social media, you see it… “Squad Goals”. When choosing a “squad”, it’s important to choose quality over quantity any day. Heck, you can even have a two-man squad if it fits you. Members of your squad may be from your home town, your co-workers, your neighbors, etc. For military spouses and significant others, have you ever thought about having a “milspouse squad”?

A milspouse squad: A group of people who are each married to or dating an active duty service member. Thanks to social media, they don’t even have to be in your zip code. So why do you need a milspouse squad?

1) They speak the same language.
I love my friends who have nothing to do with the military. However, when I’m with my milspouse squad, it’s nice to rattle off acronyms and these girls don’t miss a beat. PCS, MWR, TDY/TAD, so on and so forth, can sound like alphabet soup to an outsider. With your milspouse squad, you can save some time by not having to translate.

2) They’re your family away from family.
You might not be stationed nearby family, and that can get lonely. Humans, by nature, need a support system. Your milspouse squad is one you get to choose.

3) They know that this may be temporary.
Military families move… a lot. Your squad knows that one or more of you will move eventually. That’s why they make the best of things, regardless of the situation. When you do have have to move, it’s still sad but not entirely devastating since you both kinda knew this was coming.

4) They’ve gone through the same things.
Who better to go to for advice about military life than those who are going through the same thing or have been through the same thing? When you first do your research about a new duty station, the best resource always seems to be the local spouse’s group. When you want to know what to wear to the next military ball, who do you ask? When you need advice during deployment, it’s always more reassuring to ask other military spouses who have been there.

5) They understand.
They get why you check your phone every 5 minutes during deployment. They get why you go into hiding right after homecoming. They get why you vent. Military spouse friends just get it.

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What is a MilSpouse Squad and Why Do You Need One-

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