Breastfeeding a baby can sometime make moms feel like they’re stuck. After all, you’ve got a child in your arms, and you’re most likely down to the use of one arm.  If dad is around, make sure he gets involved as well. But when you’re by yourself, you can use this precious time to do some other productive things, so you don’t have to feel “stuck”. Here are some ideas for multitasking mom to do while breastfeeding.

15 Productive Things You Can Do While Breastfeeding
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  1. Check email
    1. This can be done on your smartphone or tablet (or laptop if you have the right set-up!)
  2. Eat a snack
    1. Eat one-handed snacks include fruit, chips, carrots, celery, crackers, if your partner could make you a sandwich, that’s even better!
  3. Drink
    1. Before I sat down to nurse, I always had my water bottle nearby. It’s important to stay hydrated.
  4. Talk on the phone
    1. I would use this time to facetime husband when he was at work or catch up with family and friends.
  5. Read
    1. With my kindle, this was a cinch. No page turning necessary.
  6. Listen to podcasts
    1. I listened to podcasts for entertainment and advice, and it helped me remain in the “real world”.
  7. Browse the internet
    1. Look up a new recipe, reconnect on social media, read the news, heck play candy crush if you want!
  8. Nap
    1. If your bed is baby safe and you feel comfortable co-sleeping, then you can try laying down and feeding baby sideways. My baby would always pass out after nursing in this position and so would I.
  9. Do single arm dumbbell exercises
    1. Why not work out the non-nursing arm? If you’re feeling up for it you can nurse while sitting on an exercise ball to really get your core engaged.
  10. Pump
    1. I did this a few times, when I knew one breast would feed the little man. I nurse him on one side, and have a pump attached to other to catch all the milk. This scenario is done best if you have a hands free pumping bra and the right pump.
  11. Color
    1. Coloring is therapeutic for some people, it’s also an activity you can do with your older kids if you have them.
  12. Interact with your baby
    1. You can talk to your baby, sing to your baby, stare at your baby. He or she can be your entertainment.
  13. Relax
    1. Do nothing! Sit back, kick your feet up, and use this time to regenerate.
  14. Write
    1. I would do all my list making and thank you card writing during this time. A good tip is to attach your paper to a clipboard so it doesn’t move too much when you’re writing.
  15. Meditate
    1. Go into a state of mindful relaxation. Deep breaths in and out. Meditating may help calm you during your stressful day.


15 Productive Things You Can Do While Breastfeeding