It’s a funny thing when you get pregnant. You start searching a few topics, maybe even post it on social media. Before you know it, each and every online advertisement you’re looking at caters to pregnant moms-to-be. There’s a lot of informative shoved at expectant mothers, especially before you even have the baby!

My pregnancy was exciting, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I (mostly) loved every minute of it. The products below were one I test it personally be it a baby shower gift, a recommendation from fellow moms, a gift from the husband to make me feel better or just an awesome deal I found.

Here are the pregnancy products that are actually worth your money.

The Must-Have Pregnancy Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Pregnancy Pillow
I basically built a pillow fort around me during the later months of pregnancy. This pregnancy pillow or the wedge can do wonders to help make you comfortable and get you as much sleep as possible.

Foot massager
My feet ached terribly during the last trimester. I could only ask my husband to massage my feed so many times. He finally got me this foot massager and it was heaven.

Stretch marks are genetic, but a good lotion can still help your growing belly from feeling dry or itchy. Try to use one with as least chemicals as possible like this belly butter.

Maternity Clothes
Maternity clothes have come a long way. They are no longer frumpy or outdated. They can be on-trend and get this… figure flattering. A good pair of maternity jeans, a nice dress, and a couple of stretchy tees is a good starter maternity wardrobe

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime
Make sure you have good internet service because internet-streaming television and movie service will be your next best friend. In between my nesting period and on my maternity leave, I loved finding new shows to watch on Amazon Prime (more about Prime below)

Man, oh man, I had bad heartburn. Tums will definitely come in handy if you’re the same.

Panty liners
Another lovely fact of pregnancy that no one talks about, discharge or light bladder leakage. These things can happen to you during an innocent cough, sneeze, or laugh. Have some panty liners on hand now, and you can use them after your period returns and is slowing down.

Prenatal Vitamins
These are an absolute must. In fact, set a reminder. A daily prenatal vitamin is good for you anyway. One that has folic acid and DHA? Even better for your baby.

A Good Bra
Your boobies are going to get big. For real. Be prepared to be in-between sizes and completely outgrow some of your previous bras. A pregnancy bra will support your new ladies. This one can be used as a nursing bra as well.

Safe cleaning products
Harsh chemicals should be avoided for pregnant woman. If you need to clean, use products that gears toward natural ingredients such as this cleaning spray.

A gym or pool membership
If you live in an area that doesn’t always have nice weather, a gym or pool membership may be just the ticket for you to keep in shape while pregnant.

Exercise Ball
A exercise ball will do wonders if you need that extra support to stretch. If you want to do exercise on them, great! Once your doctor says it’s ok, you can try to induce labor naturally with the exercise ball. After the baby is here, you can use to help get you back in shape.

Amazon Prime
I know, I know. Why do you need an Amazon Prime membership? I’ll tell you why, streaming and free two-day shipping. When you break down the cost of a Prime membership, it’s only a few bucks a month. And with that you get streaming for movies and tv shows. Then to have free-two-day shipping? Trust me, you’ll want to get out less and less to do shopping. It can come right to your door: cleaning supplies, food, clothes, household items, you name it. . When that baby comes out, the diaper subscription will come in handy as well (20% off diaper subscriptions!!!). Totally worth it. If you’re still not sold, you can try the FREE 30 day trial. That’s right, FREE. Simply click to try it our for FREE for 30 days.


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