Decorating your office or cubicle
The Must-Haves in Office or Cubicle Decor

The office: your work home. The cubicle: your half-shell of an office. You spend approximately 40 hours of your life here. So why leave it a blank canvas? Own the space, like you own your job. Here are some of the must-haves to ca

ll it “home”.

-Photographs. A few prints truly make it personal. Not enough space? Digital photo frames are now on your wish list. They also make a great conversation piece. Just remember to keep it appropriate. Remember when you did that epic keg stand… yeah, no one else should know.

-Plants. I suggest a low-maintenance plant, like bamboo. It just gives life to your space…literally. It holds you accountable for keep that plant alive. A reminder to apply that principle to your work: accountability.

-Office Toy. You will get stuck. Perhaps writer’s block, or the repetition of a project is getting to you. Perhaps the tediousness is driving you crazy. Get a toy to distract you for a few minutes and make you feel like a kid again. It might spark some creativity.

-Markerboard/Chalkboard. Great way to leave yourself reminders. Gives others a chance to leave you informal notes. Much more environmentally friendly than doodling on paper.

-Accessories. More like staple items that go with everything. Feeling cold? have a cardigan stored somewhere. Client comes in unannounced? Bust out the blazer/suit jacket to up the professionalism in case you dressed down for the day. Feet hurt? store some basic flats to get around the office until it’s time to go home. Hair is a hot mess? extra hair ties, hairspray, and bobby pins please. Be sure to have a mirror too… just in case.

-Award/recognitions/certificate. Because you da (wo)man. Don’t ever forget that.

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