It was 2am and my three month old had been up for three hours already. We had been yo-yoing all night with his sleep. He was fed, burped, changed, the room temperature was perfect, and my sweet little child was still screaming his head off.

“Why is he not falling asleep?,” we wondered.

We knew he was tired. And as grown-ups, we know that when you’re tired, you go to sleep. Our little man apparently hadn’t learned this yet 😉

So we rocked him, sang to him, gently bounced him.


The next morning, after he (FINALLY) went to sleep, I said to myself. “I’m going to need some tools here. So I gathered all of the amazon gift cards I got from the bay shower (best shower gift, btw) and I logged onto Amazon prime (Gotta love 2-day shipping) and ordered some products that would help get my baby to sleep in his crib. Over the next few weeks, we experimented with what worked and what didn’t work. Every baby’s different. So see if these items work for your family.

Below are the products that can finally help get your baby to sleep.

The MUST HAVE Products to (Finally) Help Get Your Baby To Sleep

Bathing Kit
As part of your routine, a nice soothing bath may be just the ticket. This bath kit features Baby Wash & Shampoo, Daily Moisture Lotion, and Baby Calming Comfort Bath. And for mom, the set includes Stress Relief Body Wash to help relax you as well. If you already have bath soap, be sure to use soft washcloths to not irritate your baby’s skin. These all natural and durable washcloths come highly recommended!

We inherited a rocker but it was too old and creaked when it rocked. So we switched to a glider and ottoman set, and man it was like night and day. The best part is that we can use the glider for story time when he’s bigger and it’s big enough to fit an adult and small child for some snuggle time.

Sound Machine
Our baby couldn’t sleep in sustained silence for some reason. He could fall asleep through an entire episode of a very loud Game of Thrones but complete quietness? Nope. So we got this sound machine that plays lullabies, white noise, AND has a nightlight. If you don’t need the bells and whistles, this sound machine muffles other noises nicely (neighbors, dog barking, etc.)

Blackout/Room darkening curtains
Yes, the curtains with the baby monkeys or flowers on them are oh-so-cute for the nursery, but if they don’t keep out enough light and keep your baby up, then what is the point? A simple change of window coverings might help your baby sleep in a little longer, especially for mid-day naps. This brand of curtains offer lots of different colors so they can still match your baby’s nursery.

The American Academy of Pediatrics do not recommend co-sleeping. As a tired mom, I can recommend getting a bedside co-sleeper or bassinet like this one to keep baby by your bed. Sometimes, a reassuring rub on the tummy is all my baby needed to get back to sleep.

Sleep sack
Babies don’t need heavy blankets or comforters at this point. This sack looking blanket can help keep your baby warm and safe all at the same time.

As your baby ages, a sleep sack can be retired and comfortable, breathable jammies are the way to do. This cotton baby pajama set can has a zipper (great for diaper changes!) and they are great to play in as well.

If your baby takes a pacifier, this handy little thing can help comfort your baby and get them to sleep. Some says it reduces the probability of SIDS. Once they’re asleep, you sneak in and remove the pacifier from the crib. Definitely get a soft pacifier like a soothie so it’s less likely to hurt your baby if they fall asleep with it.

Keep the fun and exciting books for daytime reading. You’ll want books with the “context” of going to sleep. Some classic include “Goodnight, moon”, “The Going-To-Bed Book“, and “If Animals Kissed Good Night

A soothing mobile is just engaging enough to keep your baby’s attention but also lull him or her into falling asleep. You can go with a classic mobile or this projector -style mobile. Once baby can sit up, it’s time to take the mobile out of the crib.

A Comfort Item
Even babies become attached to things early. A soft comfort item may help them go back to sleep. Stuffed animals and lovies are popular.

BONUS! Baby Monitor
Well this item may not help your baby get to sleep, but it will help you get some peace of mind. A video monitor with night time vision and remote adjustable camera and a wide range view is an absolute safety MUST. We have this highly rated video monitor and definitely recommend it.

What do you recommend to help get baby to sleep?

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