New Year's Resolutions for Work
New Year’s Resolutions for Work

We make new year’s resolutions for our bodies, our diet, our bad habits. Why not make one for our careers? Here is what I am going to work on for 2014.

-Snack less. or at least snack on better things. I’m going to blame the pregnancy on this one. Chocolate was my bestest friend. I’ll have to move on to to his lame cousin… carrots. Speaking of which…

-Bring more goodies to share. If I have to be fluffy, so will everyone else. Leave a box of cookies, donuts, candies in the break area on Monday. Guaranteed to be demolished by Wednesday.

-Stop checking my cell often during the day. I’m not that cool. No one texts me every hour on the hour.  Social media updates and blog comments can wait until lunch.

-Clean out my voicemail more often. I don’t consider this one my fault. Who leaves voicemails anymore? It’s 2013, email me. If I don’t reply, then you may call. Voicemails are for when I’m really in trouble.

-Use headphones less. At first, I thought I would be respectful of the other people in my office when I play music, but it’s kind of anti-social. Maybe I’ll set a time limit.

-Keep my desk as neat as possible. Pens are in the drawer. Drawer supplies are in the pen cup. Post-its are giving my desk a new paint job. Papers are not in folders. Must. Contain. Chaos. Brilliant chaos but chaos, nonetheless.

-Pick out my clothes the night before. I blame pregnancy on this one too. There’s only so many pieces of maternity clothes to go around. I couldn’t help just putting on whatever’s comfortable.

-focus on building relationship with people outside of my department. In a medium to large office setting, people tend to compartmentalize themselves into cliques based on the teams they work with. I’m going to try to venture out and get to know people that I don’t normally work with.

Do any of you have resolutions specifically for work?