21) NightLife
Yes, life on a military base may not be that interesting. But you could look into the nightlife they offer either at the bars or the clubs: Karaoke, Dancing, Costumed dances, etc.

22) Travel
If your schedule is flexible, you can look into Space-A Travel.You can also contact the ticket office to help find any tours, hotels, or excursions that you want to do.

23) Resale Lot
Known in some circles at the “Lemon Lot” although it may not contain any lemons. Some people need to PCS quickly and put their car up for sale in the Resale Lot to attract more interested buyers. If you’re a seller and want to place your car in the Resale lot, contact MWR. However MWR usually does not interact in any way shape or form with transactions.

24) Safety Inspections
If you need your annual safety check, visit the auto skills center and see if they offer that service. It can be convenient and cost-effective.

25) Tax Preparation
Some service members can take on tax preparation as a collateral duty. They can actually prepare your taxes. Just be sure to make an appointment, it CAN get busy.

26) Intramurals
Need some motivation to stay active? Join or start your own intramural team or league.  Your installation may also offer tournaments for some prizes (or maybe bragging rights)

27) DFAC/Galley
Find out the cafeteria’s policy on admittance. Most should be open to any DoD  ID cardholder. I love going here if I’m hungry and I’m on a budget. Holidays meals are the best!

28) Museums
Find out if there’s a museum on base. There you can find about all about the  history of your installation.

29) Arts and Crafts
Feeling crafty? Find out if your installation has an arts and crafts center. You can take classes or do seasonal projects and the best part… the mess isn’t at your house!

30) Veterinarian
Four-legged family members are part of military life too. Your installation’s veterinary services can provide basic wellness visits, some shots, and guidance on care.

31) Library
Need a place to study or perhaps for just some peace, quiet, and air conditioning? Visit the library to entertain yourself or even the kids (they have story time!). If nothing else, there’s free wifi.

32) DVD/Movie Rentals
Offered through MWR, there can be quite a large collection of movies you can borrow for little to no charge. I usually see this offered through the library.

33) Fundraising/Unit Funds
Need a way to fundraise for your next command event? Get in touch with the Exchange or MWR and see if they offer opportunities for fundraising. I’ve seen bake sales outside the Exchange and Car washes on base.

34) Catering
Look into the clubs or restaurants on base to have catering done either at their facility or at a venue of your choice. They might deliver and provide rentals such as tables and chairs as well.

35) Competitions
From eating competitions to fitness to photography, your local installation may hold contests for prizes that will reward you for your hobby.

36) Storage
Your installation may have storage facilities for your household good or even your automobiles or recreation vehicles. MWR or the Logistics office may have more information.

37) Massages
These are usually available at the base gym, hospital, or clinics. I’ve always see a cost associated with this (although still less than civilian businesses).

38) Tickets
The ticket offices can give you discounted tickets to events, excursions, or concerts. They also can help with travel arrangements.

39) Legal Services
Not just for Power of Attorney, but if you need some legal advice or you need to have a will drawn up, contact the legal office to see if they are able to offer you some guidance. Guidance varies from case to case.

40) Holiday freebies
Thanks to sponsors or donors, your installation may have a program for little to  no cost seasonal programs. Perhaps they give away  Christmas trees, or free pictures with the Easter Bunny, or maybe turkeys for Thanksgiving. Ask your FRG/Ombudsman, MWR, Commissary or Exchange to see if they have any offerings around the holidays.

Other facilities I’ve seen:

  • Ice Rinks
  • Paintball Fields
  • Community Gardens
  • Hiking Trails
  • Rec Center (putt-putt, batting cages, etc.)
  • Woodshop/Engraving

40 Programs and Services You Didn't Know the Military Offered

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