People in the military community might be surprised when they find out all of the services that the military offers. These services and programs are available on different installations worldwide. and can be a great perk to military life. Even though some of the military programs and services are at a cost, they are typically lower priced when compared to something similar in the civilian world.

40 Service that You Didn't Know the Military offered

Here are 40+ Services and Programs You May Know the Military Offered.

1) Loaner furniture
If you just arrived at a new duty station but your furniture hasn’t, check your installation’s family support center and see if they have any loaner furniture you could borrow. Sure it may not be the greatest but it beats having a picnic on the floor every night for dinner.

2) Rod and gun facilities
For those who are in  interested in archery, hunting or  range shooting. Your installation pay offer this facility or  have connections for joining a club with any of these interests for a fraction of the cost that you would pay in the community. This is usually offered through MWR.

3) Hunting and fishing
Depending on your installation’s location, there might be  hunting and fishing clubs, trips, competitions or lessons. Installation lakes, ponds or streams may be stocked for fishing, and tournaments may even be available. Be aware of the hunting and fishing licenses are current in your state. If they are expired, your installation’s MWR may have renewal information.

4) Money… Ok “Prizes”… (but really money) Bingo!
The catering club or recreation hall may host a bingo tournament depending on your state’s gambling laws. They offer an opportunity to win prizes and cold hard cash.

5) Automotive skills centers or hobby shops
Need a place to do repairs or just routine maintenance on your vehicle? Look into the auto skills center or hobby shop. They typically have lifts, tools, and MWR employees there for assistance.

6) Horseback riding and stables
MWR at some locations have horses and stables Some locations even offer English and western riding lessons beginning with school-age children, trail rides, horse rentals, seasonal activities, birthday parties and more.

7) Dog parks and boarding
Four-legged family members are taken care of too. Search for any dog parks. These may be offer by MWR or the housing office on base.

If you need a place to board your pet, your installation may offer low-cost pet boarding services as well. Some kennels accept only dogs, while others may board a variety of animals.

8) Lodging
Military lodging isn’t just for when you PCS.  If you’re looking for places to stay for a vacation, check the availability of installation lodging, recreational facilities, resorts or nongovernment-owned hotels near your destination or on your route before you book a civilian hotel room. Eligibility can vary.

9) Camping
If your family likes to rough it, looking into military-affiliated campgrounds. Accommodations vary from tent sites to beachfront condos, and reservation requirements vary by location. Your best bet is to plan early.

10) Hospitality programs

The next time you host a party, whether a small spouse function or a wedding reception for hundreds of people, consider the facilities and catering options offered through MWR. They may offer event catering, food and beverage, venue options, entertainment programs, restaurants, bowling alleys, and snack bars.

11) Special interest outdoor programs
There are military duty stations worldwide and each little one can offer different programs.. Special interest MWR outdoor activities can help you take advantage of the nature that surrounds you. Activities can include surfing, snowboarding, kayaking, rappelling, scuba diving, sailing, sailboarding, hiking, mountain biking. Weather and geography drive these activities, but local interest can also impact availability.

12) Rentals
Did you know you can rent bounce houses, camping equipment, tables, chairs, popcorn machines, costumes, and other items from MWR? Look into their full menu for your next adventure.

13) Swag
Follow your installation’s different programs on social media: Exchange, MWR, ITT/ITR/LTS, Recreation etc. Sometimes they do giveaways and promotions for free or discounted stuff.

14) Movies
The movie theater on base plays relatively recent movies also at a cheaper price. The military theaters that I’ve been to usually seat 900+ and it’s never filled 100% so really, you can choose a seat anywhere and prop up your feet!

15) Single Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman programs
If you are single in the military, fret not. There’s programs for your entertainment and they’re usually of little to no cost. I’ve see poker tournaments, rock climbing, cooking, etc. These are usually offered by MWR.

16) Entertainment
The Exchange, MWR, or the Public Affairs offices can inform you of great concerts or celebrity/VIP visits. From local performers to major recordings artists, keep an ear out for great concerts!

17) Employment Help
The family services can offer support and guidance intro resume writing, interviews, and where to find a job in the local area. This service is usually no cost!

18) Financial Assistance
Family Services can also help you with financial counseling. There are also private non-profits that can help you with emergency funding but PLEASE do your research to avoid any predatory lending.

19) Couples Counseling/Retreats
The counseling is usually offered through the Office of the Chaplain. You can also go to for virtual or telephone counseling.

20) Youth Programs
From after school programs to sports activities to dances, the youth program on base  may have just the items you need to keep your ones occupied and engaged.

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40 Programs and Services You Didn't Know the Military Offered

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