How to save on holiday travel
How to save on holiday travel

Vacation time! Time to book those flights and hotel and enjoy a nice break from reality. With all of these travel sites now, you can price compare until your heart’s content. You enter in your info, hit search, and HOLY CRAP, prices are still outrageous!! Check out these money saving tips when preparing to book holiday travel.

  • Cram everything into a carry-on. Who wants to pay for check-in bags nowadays ?Where ever you’re going will have an iron and ironing board. Google how flight attendants pack, and do as they do. From personal experience, planes are always too crowded for holiday travel. So if you make it by the baggage drop-off with your carry -on, there’s a chance it may not fit in the overhead compartment, which means, they’ll check it for you… for free. For items that you know aren’t allowed on carry-on bags, looking into shipping it. The FedEx fee might be cheaper.
  • Look at all neighboring airports at your destination. There could be a significant savings for the cost of a little extra travel.
  • You’ve heard it before but I am a definite believer. Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and save some money.
  • Make it a group thing. Sometimes traveling with family and friends is the cheaper way to save especially if you split the cost of a hotel suite or vacation rental. Proceed with caution, however, make sure you “want” to travel with these people.
  • Book the rental car online at the lowest price you can. Take your time getting to the car rental.  If you get there, and they’re out of the car you book, they’ll usually upgrade you for free. (This has happened 3 times for my husband and I during travel)
  • Mini-me’s of your favorite lotions, potions, and liquids. Stop by the drugstore pick up those empty containers and fill ‘er up. Put them in your carry-on to avoid checking a bag
  • Souvenirs. For items you want, buy whatever you want. For the obligatory souvenirs for family and friends. Think small and compact. Magnets, shot glasses, towels, postcards, bottle openers.
  • Theme park/tour tickets: civilians, try Costco vacation services, military, try MWR.
  • Plan meals. Research yelp or trip advisor for restaurants you want to try, look at their menus and plan accordingly. Always buy snacks for the hotel room to keep the munchies at bay.

Of course, you can always save yourself the trouble and skype. Do you have any tried and true tips?