It can be tricky to know what to pack for your baby’s birth, especially for first time moms. What you bring to the hospital should be important for you and your baby. There are plenty of lists out there on what to pack, but here are something you might have forgotten about.

Here’s 10 things you DIDN’T think to pack for your hospital bag (but definitely should!)

10 Things You Didn’t Think to Pack for Your Hospital Bag (But Definitely Should!)
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Hair Tie
I let my fabulously thick pregnant hair grow long throughout pregnancy. You almost forget to bring one for the hospital stay. When it comes time to the messy stuff (delivery, breastfeeding, etc), have a couple of ponytail holders like these on hand to keep the hair out of your face.

Facial Wipes
After delivery, I was so tired, I didn’t feel like getting up to go wash my face. Using facial wipes made it much easier to clean my face up.

Flip flops
Hospital floors can be cold, and they generally don’t want you walking around barefoot. Flips-flops were great for quick trips as well as for the hospital shower floor.

Phone Charger
You got your phone, but also bring a phone charger (and remember to take it with you when you leave!)

Adult diapers
Hospitals usually provide mesh panties and pads, grab some of those, of course. For some, adult diapers may feel a little more comfortable, since you don’t have to mess with putting the pad on a flimsy pair of underwear.

Extra cash or change
This is for the baby’s father or whoever is helping you in the hospital. If you happen to get a midnight craving or just get sick of hospital food, you can send them to the closest vending machine or fast food place for a pick-me-up.

Baby Book
If you want to ink your baby’s foot or having a safe spot for their hospital bracelet, or even jot down some memories, bring your baby book with you so you don’t forget!

Extra Clothes for Yourself and Baby
For the baby, you don’t know exactly what size they’ll be so you’ll want to bring different outfits in different sizes to be safe. As for you, you will need clean clothes to leave the hospital as well (your bathrobe doesn’t count!)

Sweater or socks
It can get cold in hospitals. I’m so thankful I brought my hoodie and extra socks to keep my warm as I was moving around the hospital room.

An extra bag
You got your suitcase, but you may want to bring an extra tote or backpack to hold all the loot you’re going to bring home: diapers, wipes, blankets, samples, etc.


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