If you are a mom that had decided on breastfeeding and pumping to feed your baby, keep in mind that it’s going to require a few essentials. During my pregnancy, I knew I wanted to breastfeed but also pump so that a) I could return to work and b) my husband and other family members can feed the baby as well.

Things You Need for Your Breastfeeding and Pumping Stations
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The breastfeeding part was relatively easy. The pumping part took a little more work. I breastfed my baby anywhere I was seated at the time. When I would pump at home, I designated my nightstand by my bed as my place to pump. I also carved out a piece of the kitchen counter to keep all the pump parts and bottles.

Here are some things that will come in hand if you are planning to breastfeed as well as pump and prepare bottles of breast milk.

Breastfeeding or Pumping Station

Lamp – I used this bedside lamp that can be activated just by touch. No tricky knobs or switches to mess with. I also love it because it’s dimmable. That way you aren’t blinded when you turn it on at night.

Phone Charger – I try to multitask when you’re breastfeeding or pumping. I had an extra phone charger near by, just in case.

Water bottle – I would always get thirsty when I was breastfeeding or pumping. Having a water bottle close was a life saver. I recommend a water bottle that you only need one hand to open or use.

Pillow – The right pillow will support your back and prevent some back ache. I actually use this reading pillow as it was firm but still cushy.

Breast Pump – I was lucky enough to have two pumps. I knew that I wanted a pump to use specifically for work. I also wanted a pump to use at home, just in case the opportunity presented itself (like when he started sleeping through the night). This was my favorite pump to use to help build my freezer stash.

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Nursing Cover – Typically I didn’t use the nursing cover at home when I was at home breastfeeding unless we had company. However, I did use it when I was pumping and my preschooler wanted to barge in my bedroom and have a conversation. I also used a nursing cover as work when I pumped as well.

Breastfeeding or Pumping Storage

Drying RackThis drying rack was a lifesaver. I liked keeping all bottles and nipples and pump parts separate from the rest of the dishes. This one held a lot of bottles because I had multiple sets. I had multiple sets just in case there was a night I felt too tired to wash everything.

Bottles – My babies weren’t picky about their bottles (thank goodness). So I used the same brand of bottles as my pump.

Dishwasher basket – I put nipples, nipple rings, and the small valve and membranes of my pump parts in this dishwasher basket to help corral everything.

Bowl – I had an extra kitchen mixing bowl that I wasn’t using to keep the breastshield and extra bottle parts.

Colander – I had a colander to help dry the bottles and pump parts if they didn’t fit on the drying rack.

Steam Clean Bags – If I was in a pinch and I needed to sanitize something, I threw them in these awesome steam clean bags, and they would be good to go.

Extra Sets – Having an extra set of breast pump parts saved my sanity. If it’s in your budget, I say go for it.

Breast Milk BagsThese were my favorite breast milk bags to use. I used them for my first child and my second, and maybe had less than 5 bags leak on me (and they consumed breast milk for over a year)

Sharpie – I used these markers to label everything: bottles, bottle caps, breast milk bags

Labels – I had labels on the bottles and bottle caps for my baby’s childcare provider.

Bottle Cleaner – I tried out three different bottle cleaners and this bottler cleaner was my favorite. I decided that it had to have its own stand, and the sponge part had to be soft.

I hope this list helps you out. Did you have anything to add?


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