One of the hardest parts of parenthood is trying to find parenting tips for raising a sassy or feisty child. It’s crazy how little help there is out there for a feisty kid when we all know at least one parent who struggles with this. Below are a list of tips to make raising a feisty kid a little bit easier so that you can feel more confident handling that little strong-willed child.

3 Tips to Make Raising a Feisty Kid (A Little Bit) Easier

Tips to Make Raising a Feisty Kid A little Bit Easier

Use their Competitive Mind

A feisty kid will usually have a competitive mindset, which means you can use this when it comes to having them do tasks you want completed. Use an egg timer or cell phone timer that helps your feisty kid hear a beep when times up. They can race against the clock to get their chores done or perhaps clean up something. You can cleverly use your feisty kid’s competitive nature with so many areas in life simply by making a situation a speed test or competitive event.

Trickery with Positive Attitude

Your feisty kid will want to help more if they feel like it’s an extra privilege and a decision that they made on their own versus being told what to do. Using a little healthy trickery and a positive attitude you can encourage your feisty kid to help with laundry and other tasks when you let them know that you can’t seem to quite get it done without them. This is another great way to get your feisty kid to start helping you with chores without a meltdown or stubborn debate.
Tips to Make Raising a Feisty Kid A little Bit Easier

Ask Three “Yes” Questions

There’s something about learning how to break down a feisty kid to come to a more reasonable level for parents. This trick called “the three yes questions” will usually work to break down any feisty kid’s resistance to a parental command. Ask three questions in a row that your feisty kid will answer yes to. Such as are you having fun playing with those toys? You’ll know the best three questions to ask that will guarantee a yes answer from your feisty kid. This makes your feisty kid feel confident and heard so they’re less likely to be resistant to your requests for a little bit.

Whether you’re trying to get a feisty kid to work with you on cleaning up or doing regular chores or just eating dinner that is served each night, these tips will help make raising a feisty kid a little bit easier. A feisty kid will often have a higher need to feel heard and listened to when times get difficult. Being a parent with an open ear who’s willing to give at least two choices during every instruction will be better able to raise a feisty kid a little easier than parents who are intensely strict and unable to adapt to their kid’s needs.


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