Junior turned one!  Whoo-hoo! I He made it! I look back on these last 12 months and realize how far we’ve come.

Well, at least, how far I’m told others that we’ve come.

I didn’t fib to add to the mommy wars or participate in the parenting competition. I fibbed because of wishful thinking. That if I said it enough times, it would come true. That my child will be the most well-behaved, cleanest, easygoing, perfect child in the world.

…yeah ok.

10 Mom Lies I've Told

Here are 10 “Mom” Lies I’ve Told.


1. “He slept through the night so early.”

He sleeps through the night twice a week. That’s. About. It.


2. “I limit his time with electronics.”

He can watch TV as long as I need to be doing something.


3. “He loves vegetables.”

He will tolerate veggies.


4. “He’s not picky with food at all.”

As long as cheerios are mixed in.


5. “I’m so sad when I drop him off at daycare.”

Whoohoo! I can go to the bathroom in peace!


6. “I make all of his food.”

I take those organic baby food pouches and pour them into a bowl. Homemade, right?


7. “He’s not always this clingy.”

He is very clingy. You’d think he was my shadow.


8. “I don’t buy him that many clothes.”

His wardrobe is bigger (and better) than mine.


9. “He plays well by himself.”

As long as I am in a 3 foot radius of him.


10. “My house isn’t always this messy.”

It’s actually worse.