After seeing all of the myths about military life from Hollywood, I decided to round up some other crazy myths about the military.

20 Ridiculous Myths About Military Life

Here are 20 Ridiculous Myths You May Have Heard About Military Life. Hopefully you’ll get a chuckle out of these.


1)Housing is Free

…I wish.

2) When vandalism and petty crimes happens in a military area, it is always because of civilians.

…because all military children are angels… right? right? hello?

3) Enlisted spouses are uneducated

…der… me talk English good, wat u talkin bout?

4) Officer spouses are snobby

…tell me they all wear pearls as well.

5) All military brats have problems adjusting

…what little kid doesn’t when major changes happen? I see more resilience, if anything.

6) Military spouses don’t work

…some do, some don’t, as in civilian life.

7) Veterans are ticking time bombs

…you hear this one because of Hollywood

8) Military families are really poor/really rich

…depending on family size, location, rank, most are middle/working class

9) All military spouses are men


10) Military Families all love/hate each other

…we’re one big family… sort of… but we all gossip behind each other’s back… kind of.

11) Everyone cheats

… on my diet, yes. On my spouse, never.

12) Spouses fall apart during Deployment

…only a few meltdowns ensued.

13) Service Members can take all the leave they want

…because they can accumulate so much leave, people tend to think they can take it whenever they want. How bout, no?

14) Service Member = Combat

…just because he’s in the service, does not always mean he’s facing direct combat.

15) Military Families are robots/aliens/weird

…“I could never do it” or “I don’t know how you do it”. Sound familiar? You do it because you have to. We’re not some weird species. You do when you need to do for your marriage and family.

16) War is over and your spouse shouldn’t be working as much

…because service members only work during wartime?… False.

17)  Everyone’s Republican/Christian/Gun-Toting/War-mongering/etc

… (insert “Blame Obama” meme here)

18) Everyone has kids… lots of them

… didn’t realize my resume should have included “baby factory”.

19) If it’s camo, we must have it

…Putting my kid in a camo bib is one thing. Pink camo with rhinestones? …next.

20) Anything from “Army Wives”

…Curse you, LifeTime.