Being pregnant means being prepared. Preparing your household for a new baby is exciting and stressful at the same time. For new parents, you’re inundated with a bunch of recommendations of baby gear, baby advice, and basically everything baby.

Baby Registry must have Items that are unexpected but totally useful for new moms. Tips to get the best essentials
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One way to make these easier is to put together a baby registry so that others may help your family with things that would benefit you and the new baby. I recommend Amazon Baby Registry because it’s easier for everyone and you get a completion discount!

Most other baby registry lists will tell you the usual items: diapers, wipes, clothes, grooming necessities, etc. My suggestion for a new mom is to get together with current moms and see what they recommend and don’t recommend.

However, there are some unexpected items in my experiences that should be on your baby registry, but often get overlooked. They may seem like small things or items that are unnecessary. However, after your baby arrives, things can get pretty hectic. You might be thankful that you already have these items on hand.

From one mom’s experience (mom of two, auntie of many), here are 10 Really Weird but Absolutely Genius Items You Need To Put On Your Baby Registry.

10 Really Weird but Absolutely Genius Items You Need To Put On Your Baby Registry

Nose Frida
Throw away the bulb, this contraption works. You use it to literally suck the snot out of your baby’s nose. Add it to your Amazon Baby Registry. Trust me, it works. Read the reviews.

If your baby has problems with gas, you know it can be a nightmare. You are tired of bicycle pumping their legs and burping them hasn’t helped. Use this thingy. It helps your baby fart. Again, it works. Again, not kidding. Read the reviews.

Breast milk alcohol test strips
If you are planning on breastfeeding, and you aren’t opposed to having a drink once in awhile, these strips come in handy. Most of the time you should be fine (unless you have a drinking problem, in the case, get that under control first) But this gift is perfect for moms who just want to be extra sure that their breast milk is ok for baby. Plus you can also request your favorite wine to go with it.

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Cold and warm packs
For nursing moms, using this warm compress will feel good on your boobies if you ever get clogged milk ducts. Nursing can also put your back out of whack if you don’t have proper posture, so you can also use it for your back. Cold packs will come in handy to keep bottles breastmilk or formula nice and cold for on the go.

Nipple cream, nursing pads, nursing cover
I like to combine all of the nursing items such as this organic nipple cream, these nursing pads, and this nursing cover into a small gift basket for mom.

Dimmable lamp
For late night feedings, a dimmable lamp is a must. Once that operates on touch only is awesome. That way you’re not feeling around in the dark for a switch. We currently use this lamp for our baby.

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Streaming services
Ever since having kids, it’s very rare that I watch any TV show live. It’s already streamed after when I actually have time to enjoy tv. That’s why getting a gift card of Amazon Prime, or Netflix would be a great gift for a new mom. You can try out Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days here

Tiny screwdrivers/batteries
Tiny baby toys comes with compartments that need tiny screwdrivers. They are making more and more toys that require you to open the battery compartment with screwdrivers because it’s safer for baby. But it’s in a pain in the butt for you. Having some extra small screwdrivers and batteries on hand will save you a trip to the store.

Grubhub gift card
Sure you can get get a restaurant gift card, but that means new parents and their baby have to venture out, and that is a hassle in and of itself. Ordering in can make all the difference for a tired mom who wants to wear her jammies and eat her favorite steak.

Housekeeper gift card
I feel like this doesn’t need explaining. Help a mom out!


Baby Registry must have Items that are unexpected but totally useful for new moms. Tips to get the best essentials for your baby shower