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I have one two-legged child and one four-legged child. Yes, I am one of those pet owners that treat their dog like one of the kids. Rightfully so, I should add. We adopted Charlie looooooong before the kid came along. As a young couple way back when, we had lots of time and energy to devote to our fur baby. When Junior came into the picture, I was afraid that Charlie would be put to the wayside.

…turns out Charlie just made me a better parent to humans. The love, understanding, and patience I developed for the dog easily transitioned to our son. Now as Charlie is getting older, I appreciate all of the love that she has given our family throughout the years. She’ll be eight soon, and I look back on all of the signs that told me I treated her like one of my kids.

Here are 10 Signs You Treat Your Dog Like One of Your Kids

10 Signs You Treat Your Dog Like One of Your Kids

-When house hunting,you take into consideration the backyard for the humans AND the dogs.


-You get them treats and gifts for special occasions. Is it bad she also has her own Christmas stocking?


-You’ve video chatted with your pet before while you were away. I know she missed me too. I saw it on her face.

-They have special furniture. We got her a cooling gel cot, because the bed, couch, furniture, dog house, mat, etc, wasn’t enough.


-You buy them the food that meets their needs. Charlie’s getting old. She’s always been a sharp dog, but I want to make sure she stays sharp in this stage of her life. At age 7, dogs are considered senior so with any life stage, I knew her diet had to change as well to keep her at her most optimum both physically and mentally. About a month ago, I went to Petsmart and decided to test out Purina ProPlan Bright Mind Dog Food. Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food contains enhanced botanical oils shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs seven and older. After switching to this diet plan, the experts at Purina say results can be visible within 30 days. What can I say?… I just want the very best for my baby old girl during her golden years.


-They have a bed as soft as a cloud. As a furbaby parent, I obviously took the dog bed for a test drive first.


-You can’t help dressing them up. She even has her own closet.

-You conduct a background check of anyone who will be dogsitting. I need to conduct a thorough investigation before I just leave my furbaby with anyone.


-They have playdates with other dogs. I set out snacks and even has some activities for them.


-You’ve tried to hold your dog… like a baby. Even at 40lbs, she’s still my little baby.


Do you have an Senior dog? Do you treat them like one of the kids? What are some of your favorite activities together?

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