When you enter a military base, it’s like going to another city. You show your id and then you are welcomed to this land of uniforms, military vehicles, barracks, and constant construction (they’re always fixing something, am I wrong?). After being stationed in San Diego and Hawaii, I can say that I have been on a Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force  AND Coast Guard installation (do I get an award?)

I’m used to seeing the common things between all of them: Headquarters buildings, Commissary, Exchange, Housing, Parks, Flagpole. There’s also some quirks I love about being on a military installation. Here’s 10 weird things I love about being on base.


  1. Chivalry. No matter what door I walk through, (most) men will ALWAYS hold that door open for me. The Southern guys also call me ma’am (which is nice but I’m still in my twenties so it makes me feel old)
  2. Sounds of freedom. By this, I mean, helicopters, cannons, gun ranges, cadences, and the posting and retiring of colors. I guess they would bother me more if I lived on base but since I don’t, I don’t mind hearing them at all. Go America.
  3. No tax. No tax at the commissary, shoppette, restaurants. Love it. We always venture to the exchange on base for big-ticket items first.
  4. Weapons. Ever stand next to a carrier? or a tank? or a helicopter? It makes you feel  humble real quick. Plus they make good backgrounds for selfies.
  5. Military kids playing. If you happen to drive by the CDC (child development center), you might see the kids playing in the playground and it’s just so darn cute. Being there around pickup time is even more awesome because you see them being picked up by their parent in uniform. It’s like a daily homecoming reunion.
  6. Watching the planes and helicopters take off and/or land. There’s a lot prep work that goes into that and it’s kind of fascinating to me.
  7. Seeing the big white busses full of service members. (but only if they’re happy), If the passengers on the bus look happy,  then I just assume it’s because they’re returning home from deployment (hopefully)
  8. The movie theater. Now this varies from base to base, but typically you pay $1-$3 for a relatively recent movie in a theater made for 800+ and it’s only ⅓  filled. I can choose any seat and put my feet up anywhere. I am THAT movie goer.
  9. Watching other people PT.  I look to see who the straggler in the back is and I’m always like “I feel ya, bro.”
  10. Cleanliness. Most bases are pretty neat and in order. There’s not a whole lot of litter on the ground, absolutely no graffiti. It’s a nice change of pace when driving in from the civilian world.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Unilever & Operation in Touch via MSB New Media.  The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. My favorite thing about being on base is taking civilians on that aren’t used to it. Every year when my sister visits me, she can’t wait to go on base! It’s exciting for her, and it gives me a fresh perspective every time.

  2. The absolute friendliness I always feel when around my “family” I am partial to the AF, naturally, but we always know that hey we are in this together, Retire, Active Duty, dependent, we are all in this together,

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