time Time and Money

  1.  I’d Wait For You Forever, But (Days/Months) Was Long Enough!
  2.  We’ve Waited (Number) Days/Months For This Moment, Welcome Home!
  3. (Number) Nights of Waiting, Praying, and Dreaming for This Moment… Welcome Home (Name)!
  4. After (Number) Days/Months, You’re Right Where You Need To Be, Welcome Home!
  5. (Number) Days/Months Away, Our Hero is Home Today!
  6. (Number) Days/Months Was Nothing Since We Have Forever!
  7. For (Number) Days/Months I Held You In My Heart, Today I Hold You In My Arms
  8. It’s Been (Number) Days/Months Since You Hugged Me, That Streak Ends Now!
  9.  Postage for Care Packages: $ (dollar amount) Phone Cards & Internet Packages: $ (dollar amount) Paints and Supplies for this Sign: $ (dollar amount) Holding You For the First Time in (Number) months: PRICELESS
  10. (Number) Sleepless Nights, (Number) Hours Keeping Busy, (Number) Minutes Checking My Phone, (Number) Seconds Waiting For You To Come Home…. Seeing You For the First Time in Countless Months = PRICELESS
  11. (Number) Months (Number) Days (Number) Hours (Number) Minutes (Number) Seconds You Are Worth The Wait!
  12. Welcome Home Sign- $10 Homecoming dress- $50 Cold Beer in Fridge-$20 Kissing my Hero/husband after deployment-PRICELESS
  13.  (Number) Days/Months Apart (Number) Emails Sent (Number) Care Packages) Having my Husband Home, Priceless

kiss Kiss, Kiss

  1. (Name) Report Here, and Kiss Me!
  2. Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me!
  3. I Hope You’re Ready For Our 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc) First Kiss!
  4. The Longer The Wait, The Sweeter The Kiss. I’ve Waited (Number) Days/Months For This!
  5. Now That You’re Home, Here is Your Honey Do List: Hug Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me!
  6. (name), Get Your Hugs/Kisses Here!
  7. Pucker Up, (Name)!
  8. Deployment Over, Achievement Unlocked, Next Mission: Kiss Me!
  9. (Name), Your Final Mission is “Operation: Kiss Me”
  10. Your Mrs. Needs Kisses!

kids For the Kids

  1. Out of My Way, I Get My Daddy/Mommy Back Today
  2. Hey, I Just Met You, And This is Crazy, But My Name is (name), and I’m Your Baby!
  3. I’ve Waited My Whole Life to meet you!
  4. Hand Over My Daddy/Mommy (Handprints)
  5. I’m Meeting My Daddy For the First Time Today!
  6. You Owe Mom/Dad 1500 Diaper Changes!
  7. These Are The Hands That Prayed For Your Safe Return (handprints)
  8. Move or Lost It! I’m Here to Take My Daddy/Mommy Home!
  9. Our Missing Puzzle Piece Is Finally Home!
  10. Welcome Home Husband, Father, and Hero. We Missed You!
  11.  Come and Meet Your Mini-Me!
  12.  Don’t Worry, I Took Care of Mommy/Daddy While You Were Gone
  13.  S/He’s Not Just My Daddy, S/He’s My Hero!
  14.  You Left Behind One Heart, but Now You’re Coming Home to Two! (For babies born during deployments)
  15.  Welcome Home Daddy/Mommy, Look How Big I’ve Gotten!
  16.  I’m Daddy’s Princess, and He’s My Hero
  17.  (Number) Days/Months Old, and Ready To Meet My Daddy!
  18.  Daddy/Mommy, Get Your Hugs and Kisses Here! (with an arrow pointing down to the child)
  19.  Warning: My Daddy/Mommy Is Here, and I’ll Run You Over To Get To Him/Her!
  20.  Welcome Home Daddy/Mommy! I Spent (fill in the blank) Days Missing You!
  21.   Not as Skinny as I Used to Be, Come Meet Your Mini-me

saucy You Saucy Little Minx

  1. Do Not Disturb, Welcoming Home My Hero!
  2. (name), Report for Booty
  3. If You Think (Afghanistan/Iraq) Was Hot, Wait Until Tonight!
  4. If You Think (Afghanistan/Iraq) Was Hot, Wait Until You Get Inside!
  5. Next Mission: Operation Nookie (and you’re in command!)
  6. I Can’t Wait To Untie Your Boots and Find Your Camo All Over My Floor!
  7. Welcome Home, I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands on You!
  8. Are You Ready to be Debriefed and Boarded?
  9. Let’s Get It On (Name)
  10.  I’m Glad To Have You Back, Now Let’s Jump in the Sack!
  11.  1, 2, 3, 4… Let Those Uniforms Hit The Floor!
  12.  1 Faithful Wife + 1 Deployed Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman = Babysitter Needed!
  13.  Job Well Done, Come and Get Your Reward!
  14.  Hall Your Behind Over Here!
  15.  Hey Sailor, Drop Your Anchor in My Harbor
  16.  (Name), It’s Finally Time To Get Some!
  17.  If You Thought The Boat Was Rocking, Wait Until Our Boots are Knocking
  18.  Untie Your Boots, Unbotton Your Blouse, Can’t Wait to See Your Cammies Spread All over the House
  19.  Let’s oorah until we’re too raw
  20.  I Solemnly Swear That We Will Be Up To No Good
  21.  Welcome Home, Soldier: Drop Your Pants Here.
  22. Hey Baby, Can We Have Sex Now?

Just Props

  1.      Use Glowsticks glow
  2.      Use Chalk chalk
  3.      Use Balloons balloons
  4.      Use Flour flour
  5.      Use Candy candy
  6.      Use Beer beer All Images Found via pinterest.com

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