This last trip to the Commissary was a doozy. I didn’t even go on pay day! Basically, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. As I was waiting in line for 20 minutes (yes, 20 minutes, the computers were down), I thought “this HAS to be the next blog post”.

“20 Annoying Things At the Commissary”

Do you block the aisle? Can’t find your coupons? We’ve all encountered some of these pesky problems, either by seeing others do it or being the guilty party yourself. Some of these irritating things are no one’s fault, most are someone’s fault, and some come from me nit-picking because I like even-numbers when I write blog posts in list format.


Definitely Not Cool, Bro, here are 20 Annoying Things at the Commissary

  1. Small cars. Small cars scooted up all the way so they look like an empty parking spot
  2. Preggo? Parking in the expectant month parking spot when you’re less than 20 weeks pregnant. Extreme cases aside, walking is good for the baby. Pregnancy is not a disability.
  3. Idle much? Dropping off someone at the front but staying there 5 minutes
  4. Flat Tire. Getting the cart with the bum wheel… so annoying!
  5. Understaffed. There are 15 lanes and only 2 open. On a weekend. Really?
  6. Deli Delay. Someone’s ordering sandwiches for a group from the deli, then in the middle they make a phone call to ask what someone wants. So not cool.
  7. The Obstruction. Parking your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle so no one can get by you.
  8. The Hoarder. Clearing the shelf… you do not need 20 bottles of ketchup. Extreme couponers have ruined us.
  9. Sweet Treats. Putting all the candy and sweets RIGHT next to the waiting line (why must you tempt me?!)
  10. Head in the Clouds. Person in front of you ignoring the commissary worker telling her to go to lane 2
  11. Cart Rage. Person behind you in line nipping at your heels with their cart
  12. Divide. Not setting up the conveyor belt divider. What’s mine is mine, and What yours is yours also known as …these are my cookies. Paws off.
  13. ID missing. Person in front not being able to find your military ID just when the cashier asks for it. (sadly, this is me)
  14. Not having your coupons ready. Again, Extreme couponers have ruined the shopping experience.
  15. Rulebreakers. People who go over the limit on the express lane with multiple items. You CAN’T do that!
  16. Checks. No problems with paying with check but not having personal checks “pre-filled”, come on, man!
  17. Cheapskates. Not tipping your baggers if they bag or load your items.My first time at the commissary, I didn’t know you were supposed to tip. Felt like an a**hole later.
  18. Last Minute Lucy. Forgetting that “one thing” while you’re checking out and running off to go get it.
  19. DIY. Not knowing how to work the self checkout machine. After you scan it. “Place item in bagging area”. That’s all you gotta do…
  20. Lazy Larry. So help me, if I get a ding on my car because you didn’t put the shopping cart back in the corral….

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Be sure to add yours in the comments!