Part of the fun of a military homecoming is making a Welcome Home Sign. It makes it easier for your service member to spot you and makes for great pictures. Military Welcome Home Signs can range from the sweet, to the funny, to the completely inappropriate. But hey, when you haven’t had any for 6-12 months, who am I to judge? Military welcome home signs ideas Here are 101+ Awesome ideas for Military Welcome Home Signs simple Keep it Simple

  1. Welcome Home, (Name)
  2. Welcome Back, (Name)
  3. I/We Love You! (name)
  4. Best. Day. Ever.
  5. We’ve Missed You!
  6. No More Waiting
  7. S/He’s Home!
  8. Finally.

proclaim Proclaim Your Love

  1. I Was There The Day You Left, and I’m Here to Welcome You Home!
  2. Here I Am (name), Just Like I Promised
  3. Together Forever, Never Apart, Maybe In Distance, But Never in The Heart!
  4. My Husband = My Hero. Welcome Home!
  5. Home of the Free, Because of the Brave. Welcome Home (Name)!
  6. Always Under the Same Stars, Finally Under the Same Roof
  7. I’m Here to Pick Up My Hero!
  8. Dreams Do Come True, Welcome Home, I’ve Missed You!
  9.  Blessed to Welcome Home Our Hero!
  10.  Here To Pick Up The Love Of My Life!
  11.  Half My Heart is Coming Home Today!
  12.  Today We Welcome Home Our Heroes!
  13.  I’m Here to Pick Up my Husband, My Heart, My Hero
  14.  You Have Traveled the World, Finally, You’re Back in Mine
  15.  “X” Marks Your Wife (wife holds a big “X”)
  16.  Another Deployment Bites The Dust, Welcome Home!
  17.  We’ve Missed You More Than The Miles You’ve Traveled
  18.  Who knew Sand on My Doorstep Would Make me Smile So Big?
  19.  Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue (Number) Days/Months, I’ve Been Waiting For You
  20. Wanted: (name) By His Wife
  21.  Happy (Halloween. Thanksgiving, Holidays, New Year’s, Son’s Birthday, Valentine’s St Patrick’s Day, Easter!) Welcome Back!
  22. Home is Where the Heart Is, and Mine is Finally Back!

FROZN_009_USA-202x300 And Because I Love Frozen

  1. Only True Love’s Kiss Can Thaw This Frozen Heart From Missing You
  2. For the First Time In Forever, We’re Back Together!
  3. Hi, My Name is ____ and I Like Warm Hugs
  4. Some People are Worth Melting For
  5. Ooh, Do me A Favor and Grab My Butt!
  6. Deployment’s over! Let him go… Let him go!

branch Branch/Job Specific

  1. His Boots are Tan, His Cammies are green, I Can’t Wait to Kiss My Marine
  2. His Eyes are (Color), His Boots are Black, Out of My Way, My Sailor’s  Back
  3. His Eyes are (Color), His Boots are Tan, Out of My Way, So I Get/Kiss My Man!
  4. Hey Doc, Can You Take A Look At This? (Medics)
  5. Keep Calm and Our (Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman)’s Home
  6. Forget the Knight in Shining Armor, I’ll Take My (Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman)!
  7. Forget Prince Charming, I’ll Take My (Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman)!
  8. Happiness is in the Arms of My (Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman), Welcome Home!
  9. I Love My (Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman), Welcome Home (fill in the blank)
  10. You’ve been gone and out to sea, now you get to spend time with me (Navy)
  11. The Princess and the Queen Welcome Back their King, Their Marine

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