When a military family PCS’s to a new duty station, it may feel like you have to build your network all over again. During that process, there are some people that you must find in order to make your new city feel like “home”.

12 People You Must Find at  a New Duty Station

Here are the 12 people you must find at a new duty station.

1) FRG Leader/Ombudsman

This person should be a great resource for anything family-related for the military. This will also be the go-to person for communication between the family and service member during deployments as well as any command functions.

2) Mechanic

Your vehicles can have a lot of wear and tear on them after multiple cross-country pcs moves. Having a good mechanic on hand can help you keep your car in tip-top shape. Plus, there’s Murphy’s law of deployment to consider, so something may break unexpectedly.

3) Accountant

A new duty station may mean new state (or new country), which mean new tax and state laws. Find a knowledgeable person who can help with your finances.

4) Baby/Pet/House Sitter

There will come a time when you need someone to watch your kid/pet/house. Word of mouth is a good way of finding one. There’s also online reviews and databases for sitters.

5) Doctor/Dentist/Veterinarian

The service member may not have a choice in who he or she sees but the spouse and children do. You still want the highest quality medical care for your family. If you have Tricare Standard, try to find someone in network to save money.

6) Hair Stylist/Barber

My husband (who is the service member) is bald shaven so he’s taken care of. I, on the other hand, treat my hair as if it were a crown on my head. Because of bad haircuts before, I need to find someone I can not only trust but won’t cost me an arm or leg either.

7) At least ONE of your spouse’s coworkers

This goes for the servicemember and the spouse. In case anything happens where you will need to reach your spouse at work but can’t, a coworker’s contact info will be good to have.

8) Job Recruiter

If the spouse is planning on working, having your resume with a recruiter might open up some options. Even if the spouse isn’t planning on working, submit your resume to a recruiter and let them know that you are not actively looking. However, it the right opportunity comes at the right salary, then you are open for consideration.

9) Photographer

I’m a big supporter of taking at least one family picture a year. So whenever we move to a new duty station, I seek out a photographer (perhaps military-affiliated) to take pictures for holiday cards, special occasions, and homecomings.


10) Realtor

If you are planning to buy a home, a realtor is invaluable to have. Even if you’re not planning to buy a home, a realtor can give you good insights into neighborhoods and areas when you want to rent.

11) School Liaison Officer

If you have children, you can contact the school liaison officer to get the scoop on the school district as well as any testing or curriculum information.

12) Handyperson

The lives of military families can get busy so they don’t always have the time to DIY repairs. Having someone on call for repairs can definitely save you time, especially during deployments.