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A baby’s first year of life is full of milestones, memories… and mistakes. New parents have quite the challenge ahead of them when navigating the first few months of parenthood. Here are 8 mistakes to avoid when you’re a new mom.

8 mistakes you don't want to make as a new mom

1. Using Doctor Google

The first few weeks with a newborn will have you asking a multitude of questions. While the Internet has its pros, you can’t always believe everything you see or read. When in doubt, call a pediatrician or nurse for your child’s ailment if you truly believe it is serious.

2. Ignoring skin care

You hear the term “baby-soft skin”; well it was not the case for my son and many other babies. He had jaundice at birth, and then a bad case of baby acne, and then heat rash, and then eczema. Having the right skin care products such as Mustela to treat baby’s sensitive skin would have saved me a lot of headaches. Mustela also has a lotion for moms-to-be to rub on their pregnant bellies to moisturize and soothe. As a new mom, I love products that are not only effective but also safe and natural for mama and baby. Mustela and its whole line of products can be purchased at Diapers.com.

mistakes, new mom (1)3. Comparing yourself or your baby to others

New parents can get caught up in the “one-upping” game quickly. “My child did this earlier”, “My child can already do this”, “I lost the baby weight immediately” etc. Parenting is not a competition. If the pediatrician says the baby is progressing, then it’s not worth worrying over the small stuff. Remind yourself that doing the best job you can possibly do for your child and your situation is all that matters.

4. Not properly installing car seat

For new parents, installing a car seat may be confusing at first. Contact your local hospital or fire department and find out if they can teach you to install it correctly. They may also have you practice getting the baby in and out of the car seat. Be sure to be aware of any car seat recalls as well.

5. Neglecting your partner

With all of the tasks needed to keep baby happy and healthy (as well as yourself), it’s easy to neglect your partner. Once you transition from a carefree couple to new parents, you may find yourself going through some relationship stress you never had before. Relationship troubles aren’t abnormal but can be remedied by making your partnership a priority. Make it a habit to try and give each other some attention. It doesn’t hurt to start looking for date night babysitters either.

new mom mistakes

6. Buying too many clothes

The excitement of the first child can get cause many new parents to go overboard with purchases for the new baby. Any seasoned parent will tell you that babies grow fast and go through clothes quicker than you think. Babies are also notorious for being messy creatures. A few cute clothing items for pictures ought to be fine. A whole closetful may be a tad excessive. If you like playing dress-up, buy gently used clothing to save money.

7. Panicking about everything

Babies are more resilient than we think. (Have you seen how the doctor or nurse is with your baby?!) It doesn’t make sense to worry about every little thing. Stressing about the small stuff does not make new parenthood any easier. Try as best you can to be diligent but also relax and enjoy your baby’s first year.

8. Not letting others help

When others offer help, take them up on it. Moms need a break too. Use some time to pamper yourself or let’s face it, take a nap. Making time for you is not an indulgence… it’s a necessity. You have to feel happy in order to be the best parent you can be. If you’re feeling too protective over the new baby, have helpers do other things such as clean or cook. It certainly takes a village.

mistakes, new mom


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