As if new moms didn’t have enough stress to go through, people can come up with the rudest, dumbest things to say. Some people wonder why new moms go into hermit mode. Well it’s because 1) we’re exhausted 2) I can’t remember if I put on underwear or not so what make you think I have the energy to form a conversation?

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Before you go visit that new mom, here are 12 things NOT to say to her.

1) You’re not breastfeeding, why not?/You’re not formula feeding, why not?177446245

My child is getting fed,what’s it matter. Did I ask you what YOU have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

2) Don’t spoil the baby too much

Ok I won’t… but really I will… because s/he is my firstborn and the most beautifullest baby in the whole world!

3) It must be nice to stay home and relax during maternity leave

Relax?! You think maternity leave is “relaxing”? Someone wants to get punched in the face.

4) When is number 2 coming?

Whoa! Can I get through baby #1 first?

5) S(he)’s still not sleeping through the night?

Nope. I have a demon child who never sleeps.

6) What percentile is the baby?

S/he is about this big, duh *make hand gesture that estimates size of baby*

7) You shouldn’t spend that much money on clothes/toys/gear

Well I wouldn’t have to if you had just stuck to the registry!

8) I don’t know why you let your baby cry/You should let your baby cry

Crying or not crying, this baby is loved.

9) Have you lost all of your baby weight yet?

Don’t make me punch you in the face.

10) Has s/he [insert milestone] yet?

I don’t know. S/he’s still alive. Does that count?

11) Well, in MY day, we used to…

Your day is over. My day is now. Thanks for the advice but keep it moving.

12) You look tired.

Wow, you seriously want to get punched in the face.

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  1. LOVE.
    I’ll lose the weight when you get over here with those gifts that will get my baby hitting those milestones because he is super rested from all that great sleep you must know how to make a baby do, since your day did it soo much better.

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