I started this blog in October 2013 to have a great hobby while impatiently patiently, awaiting the arrival of our first child, Junior. Once Junior came along, all Hell broke loose and I stopped blogging. It was only back in April 2014 that I picked it up again.

military spouse

I wrote a couple of posts geared towards military spouses: some to be helpful, some to be funny. I had no idea that they would go viral and cause such a commotion. 99% of the response has been positive while 1% can eat shit and die were negative.

Why was there such drama for writing what I know: being a military spouse? Some comments I ignored, while some really pissed me off. Then I thought, what are some other ways to piss me off? Here are 10 ways to set Military Spouses off!

1) Screencap my posts and send it to pages like OSMW or Dear Dependa.
At least give me time to put up a nice-looking profile pic before you share my cray-crayness

2) Look down on me for wearing yoga pants to the commissary
My booty shorts were in the washer, what can I say?

3) Assume that I do nothing but tend to my dependatots.

I tend to my dependa-fur-babies too. And the stray cat I called Pablo.

4) Jump down my throat if I dare ask for a military discount.

I thought it was rude to ask them to give stuff for free.

5) Make fun of the decals on my car. 

Uh hello, it’s a wife strategy so my husband won’t drive my car and get it messy. 

6) Accuse me of marrying him only for the money.

They have good benefits too…

7) Tease me about my coach purse.

20% off at the Exchange, bee-yotches!

8) Think that all I do is sit around on the couch and watch Maury.

The bed is so much more comfy.

9) Downplay my grief/stress/anger/frustration/sadness.

Don’t need opinions. Just need wine. Lots and lots of wine.

10) Believe that I have no life other than my spouse’s. No snarky comment here except kiss my military spouse ass!

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  1. I would get SO annoyed as a military wife when people would assume that I got married at 18, had 6 kids, and no edication. I got married young (22), but I was in graduate school for my Masters, and did not have a child till 30 (4 years after hubs discharged from active duty). It also really aggravated me when it was assumed that I cheated on my husband while he was away for training or whatever reason he was not home. Not this wife!!

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