You already know the “gifts” that new moms want for Christmas. Here’s a look at 15 “gifts” Military Spouses Want for Christmas

 15 gifts military spouses want for christmas

  1. PCS stickers that take themselves off
  2. For movers that pack AND unpack
  3. A internet connection that never breaks during deployment skypes
  4. Orders to my dream duty station
  5. Instant friends at every duty station
  6. A great baby sitter at every duty station
  7. Uniforms that clean themselves
  8. Boots that don’t hurt when you stub your toe on them (Or Husband can actually put his boots away, whatever’s easier)
  9. A skinny filter on every selfie (this is a gift for all women)
  10. For deployment orders to never happen… ever
  11. A teleporter to bring your family to you or you to them
  12. For the word “dependapotamus” to be blown into oblivion
  13. Homecomings that start on time
  14. Peace, Joy , and Happiness*
  15. *Happiness = Wine

Happy Holidays!
photo credit: allerleirau via photopin cc