Am I doing this right? Am I being a good mom? Am I raising him right? From picking out his clothes to his next school, I often think about these questions. As a first time mom, I seem to be second guessing myself all of the time.

Some moms seem to have it all perfect while I have the tantrum-throwing toddler who would rather climb store shelves than sit quietly in the stroller. The kid’s only a little over one year old. I can’t possibly think I’ve failed this many times in one year. Well no more, debbie-downer for me. It’s time for me to take a much more optimistic approach.

We, as first time moms, have to look at the little victories as we brush out the cheerios crumbs from our cars.

I AM winning as a mom. I just have to know where to look to find my small triumphs and see where the glass is half-full.


  1. Kid threw his food on the floor. Dog came by and ate it. Yay for not having to clean!
  2. Kid holds a fork properly while he eats. He still picks up food with his other hand but at least he’s holding the fork.
  3. Instead of throwing his milk cup after a sip, he politely hands it to me… upside down. It’s about the effort.
  4. Husband and I went a whole five minutes of conversation before kid interrupted.
  5. This morning, I managed to shave my legs (ok, only up to my knees).
  6. A bedtime routine when there was only 1 minute of whining.
  7. We played in the park and he didn’t dump sand down his pants once. Shoes yes. Pants no.
  8. Kid did not go #1 OR #2 at all during bath time, YES! He just went right after we put his diaper on. NBD
  9. Strangers still said he was handsome and cute even during his 5 minute tantrum in the store.
  10. We only went through ONE bag of snacks at the grocery store
  11. I put on pre-pregnancy pants and the buttons didn’t pop!
  12. Kid ate all of his fruits and vegetables, just had to blend it in a smoothie and put sprinkles on top
  13. Kid got scared of his own shadow, but he ran to me for comfort. (so precious!)
  14. Left the house, didn’t have to go back for ONE thing. It took 30 minutes longer to leave but whatever…
  15. Kid runs and tackles me, knocks my glasses off, spills my drink just to give me a hug and kiss. awww…

15 glass half full moments for moms