These are life skills that EVERY ADULT should know, but in this recent feminist movement, we, as females, need to be well-equipped to stand on our own. You can easily call someone, but if you want to save time and/or money, having these skills can help you in the long run.

Here are 20 Life skills every woman should know

1) Protect your computer and files
There’s a lot of sensitive information that could be exposed. Set up proper blockers and deterrents online or in your house.

2) Stop an overflowing toilet
Toilet problems are the worst.

3) Unclog a drain
Bathtubs, sinks, toilets, we’re the ones that usually clog the tub with our hair anyway.

4) Clear jammed garbage disposal
Never stick your hand down there. Learn how to clear it from the bottom.

5) Fix leaky pipe
Drip, drip, drip. Wasteful water usage is not good. Find the wrench and fix it yourself.

6) Basic Self-Defense
Let’s hope you never have to use it but you just never know what could happen.

7) Basic First Aid
No matter if it’s for you, your spouse, or your kids, scrapes and bumps need to be taken care of properly.

8) Use a Lawnmower
I’m totally guilty of this. Grew up in the city. Never needed a lawnmower. Cut to living in military housing. Where grass grows incredibly fast (especially if you never mow it during deployment)

9) Reset Breaker
It’s no fun when the electricity goes out. See if you can fix the problem first before calling the electric company.

10) Reset WiFi/TV/ PS4/XBOX etc.
Even if you aren’t the most techie person in the house, learning to reset the electronics will save you a lot of headache (and wasted time with the customer service line)

11) Use a Power Drill
Once you go powered, you never go back.

12) Drink without getting a hangover
Wine nights can be a hoots. Learn to recover quickly.

13) Put out a fire
Hopefully you’ll never have to use this skill but it’s a good one to keep in the back pocket

14) Negotiate a Deal
Knowing the difference between a good deal and bad deal can save your bank account.

15) Jumpstart a car
You leave home for period of time, then you come back to a car that doesn’t start. Be prepared.

16) Check tire pressure and inflate tires
A nice skill to have. Especially to prevent the next point.

17) Change a tire
Road trips can do some wear and tear on a tire. Learning to change one will come in handy if you ever drive through the middle of nowhere.

18) Take a good selfie
Because you need to send pictures… In fact, here are some tips on taking the perfect selfies.

19) Cook a decent meal
This means having a protein, veggies, and carb and maybe a dessert. What better way to meet people at a city than to throw a party?

20) Making small talk
You will undoubtedly encounter people from all walks of life on your journey. Have a good ice breaker on hand. It could be the start of a new friendship.

You guys got any more?

20 Life Skills Every Woman Should Know