So husband and friends read the article about what I want to say to him. They got a big kick out of it but wanted a chance for payback. So they put their heads together and came up with the following: Here are 18 Things Service members (secretly) Want to Say to their Military Wives.

Secretly Say to  Military Wife

1) I love you, quit nagging me
2) When we fight and you cry, 99.9% of me feels sorry, and 0.01% wants to laugh because you’re an ugly crier
3) You say I can’t handle your job, but there’s no way in hell you could handle mine
4) Stop asking me when I’ll be home. If I knew, I would tell you, You think I like working late?
5) I’m nervous for our future once I leave the military
6) There are decent-looking female service members but I tell you they’re all ugly
7) Why are officer wives such drama?
8) Why are enlisted wives such drama?
9) You’ve been gaining weight too, but no matter how I would tell you, you’d still get mad.
10) I know I missed out on a lot when I deployed but you can’t hold it over my head forever
11) It’s ok for me to burp and fart… not you.
12) I wonder what our lives would be like if I never signed up.
13) I need to vent, I don’t need your opinion, please just listen.
14) Please listen without asking what each and every abbreviation means.
15) It kinda makes me happy when the kids seem to like me more, considering I’m not there as much as you are
16) I wish I could get out of the military early
17) I wish I could stay in the military longer
18) Shave your legs please. I don’t care if it’s winter

Fellas, where you at?!

6 Comments on 18 Things Service Members (secretly) Want to Say Their Wives

  1. LOVE this from the men’s perspective! Pretty sure my husband would agree with many of these (except #17, seeing as he was more than done after 4 years).

  2. Oh my gosh! The shave your legs one got me! hahahaha! My man is gone for three months now and I told him its best that it’s in the winter so I can skip shaving and not feel bad for him about it! haha! Love it!

  3. Number 18 though…. Lol. I shave all the time because I’m a freak like that… I can’t stand the hair on my legs… So funny though.

    11…. Stop. It. Lol I can’t even deal…

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