© 1986 - Paramount Pictures c/o imdb
© 1986 – Paramount Pictures c/o imdb

There are many different variations of military-related movies. Some are historical, some are about modern warfare. Some are dramas, some actions. Some have aliens as the enemy, some have friendly aliens. You have to wonder what these Hollywood producers are thinking when their movies include the military. Do they intend to entertain? Or critique? I also want to know who their military consultant is because there are things that are downright silly. Here are 15 things Hollywood Wants You to believe about the Military.

1) They wear aviators
Aviators Military
Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Pearl Harbor

2) There’s always one black guy
Black guy in Military
Transformers, The Hurt Locker, Three Kings

3) Michelle Rodriguez will be there
Michelle Rodriguez, Military
Avatar, Battle: Los Angeles, Resident Evil

4) and George Clooney
George Clooney, Military
The Thin Red Line, Three Kings, The Monuments Men

5) or Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise, Military
Taps, Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Edge of Tomorrow

6) and we can’t forget Channing
Channing Tatum, Military
Stop-Loss, Dear John, G.I. Joe Series

7) but nobody can top Denzel…
Denzel Washington, Military
A Soldier’s Story,Glory, Crimson Tide, Courage Under Fire, The Manchurian Candidate

8) One guy needs to have a speech impediment
Speech Impediment, Military
Forest Gump, Pearl Harbor, Men of Honor

9) And all Military Spouses/GFs look like this
Milspouse, Movies
Battleship, Pearl Harbor, The A-Team

10) The bad guy is always an alien…
alien, military
Predator, Independence Day, Battleship

11) …or a grumpy old white man
old men, military
 Men Of Honor, Crimson Tide, A Few Good Men

12) Destroy the mothership and it miraculously solves all other problems (spoiler alert!)
Mothership, Military
Independence Day, Battleship, Edge of Tomorrow

13) War Veterans save the day!
Veterans, military, movie
Rambo, Independence Day, Battleship

14) If all else fails, bring in the SEALs (this one’s true)
SEALs, movies
Act of Valor, Captain PhillipsZero Dark Thirty

15) And some producers clearly said a big “eff you” to their military consultant
G.I. Jane, The Marine, In The Army Now

15 Things Hollywood Military

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