It was only a few months ago that Junior turned one. My itty bitty baby is now my itty bitty toddler. A personality-filled, temper-tantrum-throwing, stubborn-as-heck little toddler. Being the mom of a toddler is no walk in the park. (Seriously, I tried walking in the park with him, he ran from me and poured sand down his pants). It will test your patience allthewhile filling your heart with pride, joy, and a love you couldn’t never thought possible.

20 signs you're now the mom of a toddler a

Once you enter the toddler years, there’s no turning back. Here are 20 telltale signs you’re  now the mom of a toddler.

  1. Goldfish Crackers/Puffs/Crackers crumbs are in your kid’s hair, the bottom of your purse, the seat of the stroller, the backseat, YOUR hair.
  2. The kid sounds like a broken record. Kid-”Mom, mama, mom, mom, mama, mama, mom, mom, mama, mommy”, Me-“Yes, my son?” …”hi”
  3. You now say “it was so much easier when he was an newborn”.
  4. Someone wants to come in while you’re peeing.
  5. The same someone wants to pick your nose while you’re asleep.
  6. There are days when your kid eats his/her body weight in food and then days where you wonder if they’re on a hunger strike.
  7. You spend an ungodly amount of time making sure they have the right balance of protein, carbs, and good fats for a well-balanced dinner.
  8. Then you contemplating kicking your kid’s chair because he won’t eat any of the “well-balanced” dinner.
  9. You’re used to eating lukewarm food because you spend most of dinner trying to get him to eat.
  10. You never finish your dinner.
  11. If you did, it’s because you wolfed it down.
  12. There is a broken crayon in your purse.
  13. You have no idea how long it’s been there.
  14. You’ve dropped the f-bomb because you stubbed your toe on one of his big bulky toys .
  15. You’ve dropped the f-bomb because you stepped on one of his small, pointy toys.
  16. You’ve dropped the f-bomb because you’re like “frickin a, where did he get all of these toys?”
  17. Sophie the Giraffe is not as shiny as she once was.
  18. That precious baby blanket is now a dirt, snot, and sweat sponge because the kid must have that thing EVERYWHERE.
  19. Play-Doh and Carpet are the DEVIL!
  20. You curse the day they learn the word “no”.