20 Ways You Know You’re an Air Force Wife
an air force wife
This is a guest post from Blogger and Air Force Wife, Callie Glorioso-Mays. Callie is on an uphill journey to learn continually, love freely, and live vulnerably as a writer, a military wife, and mama to one. She blogs at http://www.calliegloriosomays.com 

You might be an Air Force wife if…
  1. After telling someone your husband is in the Air Force, you’re ready for the inevitable follow-up question of “Is he a pilot?”
  2. You’ve groaned when touch-and-goes begin right when you were ready to turn off the light and go to sleep
  3. You have daydreamed about having commercial flights stop on base to pick you up just to avoid the drive to the airport (“We have a runway after all!”)
  4. Your bases are always divided by the flight line and you get excited to drive around it because you actually get to go faster than 25mph on base
  5. You only bother looking up at the planes if it is visiting (and you can tell if it is visiting by sound alone)
  6. You’ve accepted the fact that jokes will be made about the “Chair” Force
  7. You know to always use the post office on base because the lines will always be shorter than in town
  8. You know that ABUs are ridiculously heavy straight out of the wash (and don’t envy your husband for having to wear those are hot days)
  9. You rejoiced when the new PT pants came out to replace the loud “swooshing” ones
  10. It’s not uncommon to hear kids at the playground yelling “Hi Daddy!” when they see planes go by
  11. You’ve wondered if the Air Force will ever adopt a gender neutral term for their people
  12. You know that pilots aren’t the only ones who wear flight suits
  13. You’ve been caught humming the Air Force song (it’s pretty catchy!)
  14. You know to call your Key Spouse, not FRG or Ombudsman
  15. You know that CAF day means Comprehensive Airmen Fitness, but mostly you just care that it means he *might* come home early
  16. You gauge how bad an expected storm will be by whether or not they move the planes
  17. You can tell Army ACUs and Air Force ABUs apart from a distance
  18. You know the difference between a wing, group, squadron and flight.
  19. Your husband has had to walk the flight line after an air show
  20. Your kid strikes the “Air Force kid pose” pretty often (finger pointed to the sky and saying “Plaaaaaaane!”)
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How else do you know you might be an Air Force Wife?