A guest post from Coast Guard wives Katherine Hunnicutt and Taylor Rapasi.

The Coast Guard often gets overlooked when it comes to military references. However, they protect our country as well and should be recognized as such. This also means that Coastie Spouses also have a unique culture.

20 ways you know you're a coast guard wife

Here are 20 Ways You Know You’re a Coast Guard Wife

1)     “Yes, the Coast Guard is a branch of the military.” And you’ve learned not to be offended.

2)     You automatically check to see if the Coast Guard flag is included in any display of military flags.

3)     You know what branch Popeye really served in.  Hint: It’s not the Navy.

4)     You seem to be the only one who understands… The Schedule.  It goes like this: two on, two off, three on, two off, every other weekend….do you have a calendar?  It’ll be a lot easier to just show you.

5)     Even when your husband has liberty, he’ll get recalled at the worst possible time.  Or he’ll sleep the whole time.

6)     “Yes, the Coast Guard gets underway, too.” For up to 6 months at a time.  Coast Guard can also get deployed to the Middle East for 1 year deployments.

7)     Two Words: Man Crushes.

8)     The huge laundry weekend when your husband finally cleans out his locker.

9)     The disappointment when you learn that a huge discount or free service is only offered to the DoD- Hey! We’re military too!

10)  You get excited when the CG is referenced in movies- Did someone say Sharknado?

11)  Tattoos.

12)  Coast Guard Day!!!! Making all those nautical cakes and treats.

13)  The pre-weigh in diet.

14)  You’re “hard for the Guard.”  Anything with a CG logo, you gotta have it.

15)  Bird poop… Bird poop everywhere (for ANT Units).

16)  The Price is Right!!!!

17)  STATION VACATION!!!!! (USCG Station Lake Tahoe).

18)  You’ve got the lingo down- Port, starboard, aft, bow, head, topside, galley, quarters, liberty, OOD, XPO, coms.

19)  The inside of your dryer is stained blue from his uniforms. You’re pretty good at scrubbing that thing clean before each move.

20)  You spend more time on the other branches’ bases (or posts or forts or whatever) than CG bases, and you’re likely to be in another branches’ housing instead of CG housing.