This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Create the Good. All opinions are 100% mine.

The millennial generation can get a bad rep, sometimes. “Entitled”, “Lazy”, “Selfish” are just some of the stereotypes that millennials can get called. However, it’s certainly NOT the case for all members of the Generation Y population.

This generation does care about others and certainly cares for their community. However, the most popular hurdle that millennials (and most people) have to conquer first, is the time available to do community service.

I know this is true in my case, with a job, a husband, a kid, a pet, a blog, it seems like adding one more thing seems impossible. However IT IS possible to better your community with the insanely easy ways below.

  1. Pick up trash along your community. You can consider it as part of your workout. Get outside with a bag, and just pick up any litter (wear gloves, of course!). This is my personal go-to for improving my community. I often go for walks or exercise around our neighborhood. Sometime I just take a bag with me and then I just put on my gloves and get to work. It’s so simple yet makes a spectacular difference. Millennials can be crunched for time and this is a great way to multitask. It’s exercise, outdoor time, and improving the look and culture of our local community. As the weather warms up, I hope to involve more of my neighbors in this task as well.

  2. Collect supplies for people who have been affected by a disaster. You can pull items out of your own stockpile, or ask others around you to lend a hand.

  3. Share your skills. Try volunteering your time and skills to teach others at the local community center.

  4. Buy a homeless person a meal. It can be as easy as ordering a second helping of your meal, or just some extra items at the grocery store.

  5. Offer dog-walking services. If you have a friendly pet, offer to take the local pound’s dogs out for walks alongside your pet.

  6. Donate your used furniture or items. This give you a good excuse for a good cleaning and purging of the old or unused items in your home.

  7. Perform a random acts of kindness. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone or offering to pick up the bill for the person behind you in the coffee shop drive-through.

  8. Create the Good by creating a video. Do you have a favorite charity that you wish you could do more for? Record a quick video talking about your vision of helping others. Submit your video to the Create the Good Dream Builder Video Contest by 2/7/2016 and you might win a $2,500 donation to the charity of your choice. In your video, demonstrate your vision for helping others and which charity you would partner with to make that vision come true.  The public will vote on 12 selected finalist videos and the winning video will get a $2,500 charity donation. (Three runner up videos will win a $500 donation to the non-profit cited in their video as the charity of their choice.) Learn more at the

    Create the Good Facebook

  9. Participate in a local fun-run or race for your charity of choice. most races now also offer choice to walk or perhaps sponsor someone else to walk.

  10. Donate blood. Search around for your local blood drives. This is a cause near and dear to my heart. I was in need of a blood transfusion after my c-section with my son. I was so thankful to receive one so quickly. Giving blood hardly takes any effort and only a few short minutes of your time. This is a cause that can (literally) save lives.

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