When you have a baby, you find yourself not only talking baby talk but you’ve also picked up a whole new vocabulary. These words had no meaning or definition to you before the land of parenthood, but now you can compare and contrast with all of the moms out there! With my new son, I honestly feel like I’m speaking another language. I talk about baby products like new cars. “Did you get the new model of the bumbo?” “Why, yes after the recall, we had to upgrade.” Oh gosh.  Here are 30 words that you didn’t know existed before babies.

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Amber Teething Necklace

Necklace made of baltic amber to help soothe babies of pain relief during teething. Not meant to be chewed on. Meant to be worn and the healing powers are transferred through the skin. Used by hippies and desperate parents looking for solutions to their cranky baby.

Baby Led Weaning

Introducing baby-size versions of adult food and foregoing commercial baby food entirely. Proponents of Baby-led weaning let the baby choose its food and also self-feed i.e. No airplanes, cars,  or “chugga-chugga-chugga choo-choos”  into baby’s mouth.

Baby Legwarmers

Footless socks that cover baby’s knees as to provide a cushion and less irritation when they crawl. No matter what design or pattern they are, they will always look ridiculous

Baby Wearing

1. Placing baby in a carrier or sling instead of a stroller so they are close to the parent. 2. The Human Kangeroo effect.


1. A pillow designed to help mom nurse their child by provided support for mom’s arms 2. Neck travel pillow for giants


Molded seat to aid your baby in sitting up. Not made for babies with thunder thighs.


A five-letter word for “no-one-knows-what’s-wrong-with-your-baby-it-just-cries”


Yellow stuff that come from your breasts that’s meant to be baby’s first meal. First signs of boob juice


Sharing the same bed with your baby during naps and/or bedtime


1. Abbreviations for Dear/Darling Daughter, Dear/Darling Son, First Time Mom, Little One, Exclusively Breastfeed, Formula Feed 2. Abbreviations you come across when googling every little thing about your newborn

Diaper Genie/Diaper Pail

Expensive trash can for diapers. When used for long periods of time, it also ends up becoming a regular trash can


1. When the breasts of a nursing mom become painfully full, swollen, and tender to the touch. 2. The temporary appearance of breast implants


Surgical incision on the perineum and posterior vaginal wall during the “pushing” stage of active labor. If you’re brave, you can google images, but ONLY if you’re brave


Very expensive way to look like a kangaroo (see babywearing)

Ferber Method

A form of sleep training your child that encourages independence and self-soothing 2. colloquially known as “Cry It Out”

Gripe Water

Homeopathic drops that are intended to aid in the alleviation of gas for babies

Jumperoo/Exer Saucer

1. Activity chair that allows children with good head control the ability to jump, spin, and play with toys 2. temporary babysitter


When a nursing mom’s breastmilk has been sucked or pumped to the extent where milk is dripping freely


Painful infection in the breasts for nursing moms


Baby’s first feces, it’s very first disgustingly dark feces.

Nipple Shield

1. Plastic device that goes over the nipples of nursing mom to aid in the latch on process or minimize discomfort 2. tiny plastic sombrero

Nose Frida

Strange yet effective device for sucking snot out of your baby’s nose


Highly addictive bite-sized snacks for infants


Elevated hammock chair that holds baby on an incline


(ugly) Removable sack that baby sleeps in to keep warm without the need for a blanket

Sophie the Giraffe

(overpriced) French Teething toy


Receiving blankets with velcro attached to secure swaddle, made for tiny Houdinis

Travel System

The combination of stroller and car seat in order to efficiently travel with both items both apart and together

Tummy Time

The art of placing babies on their stomach in an effort to strengthen their neck and arm muscles.


Goo that covers your baby after birth

Be sure to add your suggestions in the comments!

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