Back to school is a chaotic time in any household. Between trying to get your kids ready for school each morning, and trying to make sure they have everything they need before they leave is a real challenge. By the time the kids have walked out the door, I’m left with a massive mess and a house that is anything but clean and organized. These five back to school organization times will not only help you stay organized but save your sanity!

5 Back to School Organization Tips that Will Save your Sanity

Create food stations in your fridge

The most stressful part of back to school is getting everyone fed! To make this process much easier, do a little meal prep and create three different food stations in your fridge. One of them should be dedicated to lunches, one for snacks, and one for lunches. When you’ve overslept, and you need to throw something together for your kids quickly, this will be a lifesaver!

Lay out clothes for the week

Instead of laying out our clothes each night, I like to take it instead of a step further. Lay out your clothes for the entire week including accessories and jewelry, and even your shoes. If you do this for every member of your family, getting dressed will take just seconds! Use a cart organizer to store your clothes for the week and choose your outfits each Sunday.

Make a dedicated space for homework

Having too many places to work on homework can make it difficult to keep everything together when it’s time to pack up the bag. Instead, make one dedicated space specifically for homework so that everything they need to get work done, and everything they are working on, are all in one place. I have a homework station for them with all the supplies they need, and I highly recommend this organization system!

Make food ahead of time

We touched on this briefly with the food stations, but this goes beyond what you plan on packing in their lunch. By the time dinner rolls around, you will forget to make something! Instead, make your meals ahead of time so you can pull them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven when your kids get home. If freezer meals aren’t your thing, consider prepping your food ahead of time. Having your peppers chopped and onions diced can save loads of time when you’re ready to make dinner.

Keep a checklist near the door

The hardest part of the back to school season is knowing if your kids have everything they need before they leave the house. Keep a checklist near the door with essentials to make sure they don’t ever forget anything for school! You can have a general checklist for everyone. However, I recommend keeping one for each child instead. This can make it easier to tailor what each child needs to bring, and it holds each of them accountable for their items.

Back to school season doesn’t have to be hectic anymore. Give these five tips a try and stay organized all school year long.


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