Have you ever tried to take away screen time for your kids? Let me paint you a picture of what that looks like. It involves crying, tantrums, and an all-around bad time. I used to be the parent who let my kids watch TV all day without a second thought. Now, they aren’t dependent on those screens because there are so many other fun things they can do.

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If you need some screen-free time for your kids, here are 10 no screen activities for your kids.

Do a craft
Crafting is a great way for your kids to get creative without having to be right next to them. There are dozens of paper plate crafts, cupcake liner crafts, and so many other kinds that don’t require any extra supplies!

Read a book
If your child is old enough to read, have them read a few books! If they aren’t old enough to read, look into audiobooks or books on tape they can listen to.You can save 66% on a 3-month membership to Audible here.

Get outside
Whether they are just running around in the backyard, or riding their bike, have your kids spend some time outside each day.

Have them do chores
This is not the most fun but in order to earn screen time, have your kids do chores around the house. This can help with housework, and they will never complain that they’re bored again!

Coloring and drawing can be a great way to pass the time indoors without a screen. If you’re on a tight budget, check out the dollar store for coloring books and supplies. If you don’t want to color in a coloring book, you can also find art activities there as well.

Run in the sprinklers
If it’s hot outside, have your kids run through the sprinklers! This can be a fun way for them to cool off and have fun outside.

Go to the park
You don’t need to spend any money to go to the park, and it gives everyone a chance to get out of the house! There are hundreds of parks around every state, so consider going a little farther if you are looking to go somewhere new.

Do a science experiment
There are a ton of great science experiment activities out there! These can be a great way to keep your kids learning outside of school in a fun and interactive way.

Go on a scavenger hunt
If your kids are bored, why not change things up? Do a quick search, or create your own scavenger hunt for them to do. It can be for stuff around the house, outside, or anywhere you go!

Play with toys
This one might sound silly or obvious, but encourage your kids to play with the toys they have. Have friends over and allow them to play together if they’re tired of playing by themselves.

Your kids don’t have to stay on a screen all day to be out of your hair and have a good time. There are plenty of ways they can still be entertained without a screen.


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