if you think about it, summer can a great time for your kid to be born. There’s a chance for better weather for outdoor birthday parties, you can travel for their birthday during summer vacations or more family and friends can travel to you.

7 TIPS FOR summer pregnancies

However, this means that you have to be pregnant during the summer times. First and second trimesters during the summers aren’t bad, it’s that uncomfortable third trimester for your summer baby.

Here are 7 tips to help you out during your summer pregnancy.

1) Take a dip

In a pool, that is. There’s something relaxing about sitting in a pool when you’re pregnant. It gives you time to kick back and soak your feet (your poor aching feet).

2) The food is SO much better

Watermelon, ice cream, popsicles, go all out. Enjoy all of the yummy summer foods.

3) Get an easier outfit

By this I mean, this is the time for maxi dresses, sun dresses and sandals.You don’t even have to think about layering.

4) Keep it fresh

Deodorant isn’t just for your underarms, You can use them to help keep things fresh down there. Obviously this anti-chafing tip works best when you wear a maxi dress.

5) Focus on the positive

Not the cheesy stuff. How about stuff like “yay for family photos at the beach!” or the fact that your baby doesn’t really need a lot of clothes. They’ll be fine in a onesie. “yay for saving money!”

6) Go to the library

Why, you ask? It’s free, there’s A/C and it’s quiet. Need I say more?

7) Capitalize on the low maintenance

It’s summer, your hair may get frizzy, your makeup won’t last as long. Take this time to keep it simple and rock those sunglasses. Trust me, you’ll be glowing either way.