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As a military family, the way that the Jockey #ShowEm campaign celebrates values like family, perseverance, and courage hits close to home. It takes strength, resilience, and a lot of courage to face the up and downs of military life, which is why I chose courage as my value when I made my #ShowEm meme. Also See on my instagram page


 Courage is part of our life. For example, a military separation is hard for all parties involved. The uncertainty, the lack of communication, the constant changes, may take a toll on your family’s’ stress levels. A family member, adult or kids, may experience some form of stress when another family member deploys. To help cope with this, military families need to build their resilience. When a family builds resilience, they can improve their ability to meet challenges.

Here are some tips to build your family’s resilience during deployment

  1. Remain positive

    1. It’s really easy during this time to dwell on the negative. Remain optimistic about things. Try to find the silver lining whenever you can. There’s no need to pretend that the negative isn’t there. Resilient people acknowledge the negative but look for a way to have a positive feeling in a negative situation.

  2. Make connections

    1. Even though you may be down one family member, now it also the time for the rest of your family members to strengthen your bond. Try new things together. Talk through things together. Build connections outside of the family as well. Perhaps phone up or video chat relatives. Engage in social activities for you and the kids as well.

  3. Help others

    1. Talk to your kids in showing more kindness to others. When people help others, it actually make themselves feel better. It can be anything from holding the door open for someone or perhaps volunteering for a charity. Talk about what it means to be grateful in your family. Resilient people are generally grateful. They approach a challenge as “This is a negative situation but I am grateful that”.

  4. Laugh a little

    1. Find the humor in things whenever (appropriately) possible. A chuckle every now and then does wonders for your stress levels. Laughter lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and reduces pain. Watch funny movies, go to a comedy club, there’s an abundance of funny videos on social media nowadays.

  5. Take care of yourself

    1. Explain to each family member that they need to take care of yourself as well. This mean physically, mentally, emotionally, socially. Exercise. Practice hobbies. Do things that improve the mind, body, and soul for you.

  6. Accept change

    1. Ever heard the term, “Semper Gumby”? Or maybe “The only constant in military life is change.” Once you have come to terms that change is just a part of military life, this can help you focus on things you can change, such as your thoughts, attitudes, and feelings.

  7. Remember your courage

    1. Remembering how brave we all are helps to build resilience. It took my husband courage to join the military. It takes him courage every day to do his job, protect this country, and still provide for his family. Our armed forces are some of the most courageous people out there. For them to face what they face, and then come back and do it again… that’s how you show them courage.   

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7 Ways to Build Your Family's Resilience During Deployment