When it comes to care packages, you want to pack the essentials: snacks, toiletries, entertainment items, and whatever your service member has on his or her wish list. You already know to buy in bulk to save money on care packages. But what if you want to do something unique?

I’ve scoured the interwebs for some unique items to make your service member’s next care package extra special.


Disgruntled Decks
A card game that is very much like Cards Against Humanity. However, this card set is made for military: past and present. If your service member has free time or liberty during the deployment, this would be a great game to play with his co-workers.


Deployment Kit with Meal Improvement Set, Refill, and Appreciation bags

It’s compact and can add some deliciousness to your deployed service member’s meals. The tubes can be empty or pre-filled. They can be personalized and they have them for specific branches.




Marine Corps


A Hug From Home small pillow
It’s small enough to fit in a care package and can include a small message in there.

You can get this pillow or this one.


Open When Letters
Open when letters are envelops containing notes or goodies for your service member to open according to your note. For example, your envelope could say “open when you’re sick”, and then inside is a note that says “feel better”, or perhaps it’s a cough drop or some vitamin c tablet. There’s a couple of great printables sets here.


Tactical flashlight
If your service member is sharing a space, then he or she will most definitely need some kind of flashlight. My husband would need these to open his locker or read in bed at night, so he wouldn’t disturb others. This flashlight is Heavy Duty, Compact and Tough.


Mustache Wax
Military guys like to grow mustaches during deployment, at least the ones in our circle do. My husband grows one because he knows that’s the only time he can. I got him this mustache wax so he can enjoy the ‘stache while it lasts.


Filtration Water Bottle
Clean water is a must when they’re on deployment. My husband hated the tap water from the ship and from the countries he would visit, so I got him this bottle that would purify the water for him. It was portable and effective. Definitely get him one of these if your service member chugs water like mine.


Microwave heating pad
This 8″ X 10″ heat/cool pack is filled with rice and flaxseed. Just a minute in the microwave provides warm, heat to back, knee, shoulder, pelvic, area. Also works great as a cold pack after a few hours in the freezer.


Outdoor Wallet
This outdoor wallet is cool-looking and practical. According to the company, “Whether it’s clipped to your pack or safely stowed in a pocket, this wallet will stand the test of time. Trayvax Original is a military-grade metal wallet designed to withstand the toughest conditions”. This is for a minimalist wallet person. And yes, it include a bottle opener.


Custom Dog Tag and Necklace Combo
A dog tag for him and a matching charm for her. This set it made of stainless steel and will hold up throughout deployment. If he doesn’t like wearing it as a necklace, he can put it on a keychain. I love that it’s customizable.


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