8 pregnancy life hacks
8 pregnancy life hacks

With my first pregnancy over, and with Junior happily (most of the time) bouncing and smiling away. I reminisce about the 39 weeks I carried him. And I think to myself… that was the minor leagues compared to what I have now.

You can read all the books, and google as many questions, and research as many forums as you want. But there are some shortcuts in life that just makes things easier, even if they seem a little bit funny.

Below are some of the pregnancy hacks I learned from those 39 weeks.

-Get your Meryl Streep on. Act like you can’t quite lift that box (even though you probably could), act like you’re too tired to cook (even though you probably could)  Act like the nail salon chair is hard to get into. Mention your pregnancy a couple of times. 9 times out of 10, your leg message will be extended…ahhh…. You’re only pregnant for so long, take full advantage.

-No need for a fancy-schmancy waistband extender. Hair ties (especially the ones made for thick hair) do the trick. Wear a long enough shirt and you’ll be fine. Further along, you probably will have to get some maternity clothes though.

-Tongs. Seriously. When you can’t bend over all of the way or need something from the top shelf. Bust out the kitchen tongs. They can also serve as back scratchers. In obvious news, keep a pair of tongs designated for you and another one for kitchen use. Make sure everyone in the house knows.

-Schedule all your appointments through to your due date. That way you get early dibs on the best appointment times. Although I should note, that I preferred the later appointment times at the end of the day (because of my job) and I always had to wait a while. All of the other appointments seem to get backed up so if you’re one of the last ones seen, be prepared to wait a while.

-Strangers touching your belly without asking? Even if they do ask, they’re still strangers.  Weirdos. Not ok. Touch theirs. that’ll teach them.

-A full supply of water and Gatorade G2 (low calorie).½ a bottle first thing in the morning. Why? How many times did you have to pee last night? …that’s why. Get some immediate hydration. Keep a recycle bin close by the nightstand.

-Use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. That area will get harder to reach farther along in your third trimester. You’ll also make frequent trips to the bathroom. No other way to say this but it might get a little raw. Baby wipes are softer and they keep it as clean and fresh as possible.

-The clothes make the woman. And they also hide things. Blazers a la Ivanka Trump. So much more flattering and it give you instant style. Like you actually put some effort. Leggings and maxi dresses because, let’s face it, by the third trimester, you can’t reach down to shave your legs. Instead of maternity tops, invest in more flowy, loose shirts you can wear again (belted, if needed) after pregnancy

Have you used any of these tips? Do you have any of your own?