I don’t know about you but I’m making holiday plans as we speak. Military families are typically stationed far away from their hometown and the holidays are a prime time to go back “home” and pay your family and friends a visit. Coming back to your old stomping grounds gives you a new perspective. You see what’s changed, who’s changed, or if there hasn’t been a change at all. When I visit home, I just feel at peace. As soon as I step in the door of my mom’s house, I let out a huge sigh of relief. It’s a comforting feeling unlike any other.

After visiting with family, it’s time to see my friends, the ones that have no military affiliation whatsoever. When I see them, we don’t even talk about military life. We just gossip about everyone else we know (don’t act like you don’t do it).

New friends don’t always come easy for military spouses. That’s why we have to cherish the times that we have with our “old” friends.

If you have a friend that is a military spouse that is coming home to visit, here are 9 reasons you should go see her. A fellow milspouse blogger, Kia Young, wrote her viral blog post here: 5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Trip to See Your Military Spouse Friend When Visits Home Below is my version.

9 Reasons Why You Should See Your Military Spouse Friend When She Comes Home to Visit

1)     She traveled all this way

It’s not easy to schedule time off in military life, but she made the effort and sacrifice. She either drove for hours in a car with her family or spent a bunch of money on plane tickets to come home. If you have a military spouse friend who is coming home to visit, take the initiative to go visit her, not the other way around. Confession: I secretly hate it when I announce I’m coming home, and then get messages like “come see me!” Really?, I just traveled all this way to come see you, can you venture 15 minutes to see me, pretty please?

2)     You see the woman she has become

You knew her during her younger years. You may have seen her at her worst. Now, when she comes home, you see that your goofy, troublemaking, fearless BFF has become… well maybe just an older version of your goofy, troublemaking, fearless BFF. Nonetheless, she has matured (hopefully) and visiting her would let that you see the woman she has blossomed into.

3)     This is HER vacation

She could have gone to a tropical paradise, or an adventure in the mountains. But nope, she came home; she came home to see her family and friends. She chose you. She must think you’re special or something 🙂

4)     Relive old memories

Some of the best bonding times come from reliving those precious memories. Do you have to go out and have an “epic” night of partying? Absolutely not. A few hours at home with some wine and some old pictures and videos can help you guys create memories to last a lifetime.

5)     Grow your network

When she comes home to visit, you might meet her family and she might meet yours. That’s more people to add in your life. How wonderful is that? From personal experience, I’m an adopted “auntie” to many of my friends’ kids.

6)     You’ll probably never visit her

Some military installations are less than glamourous. (I’m looking at you, Fort Leonard Wood.) So it’s only fitting that you are less than motivated to visit her. So knowing that you’ll probably never visit there, make the effort to visit her when she comes to you.

7)     Nothing beats Face-to-face

We’re all grateful for social media and things like facetime and skype. However, people too often use social media to keep track of others. That face-to-face time is important for bonding and interaction. Nothing beats a hug from one of your best friends. Not even a “hug” emoji.

8)     There’s no time like the present

Life is short. The holidays are even shorter. If we don’t keep in touch with our friends and continue to build upon that relationship, well, there’s a chance they can move on, and that friendship falls apart. You know that value of your friendship with her, don’t risk growing apart from each other. It happens all too often.

9)     She’s YOUR FRIEND

Obviously, you’re very selective of who goes in your inner circle. Therefore, if your military spouse friend is in there, she must be flippin’ awesome!

Even if you don’t get to see each other during this short time, there’s no love lost. But at least, TRY. Your military spouse friend will definitely appreciate it. Remember, a strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversations. As long as the relationship is in the heart, your friendship will remain strong.

That extra time you do get to spend with each other is just icing on the cake! Can’t wait to see my friends, soon!

(Yes, I know that there are male military spouses. For the sake of this article, I’m just using female pronouns “she/her”. It’s a blog post, whatevs)