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Must-haves in Office & Cubicle Decor

Must-Haves in Office/Cubicle Decor

The office: your work home. The cubicle: your half-shell of an office. You spend approximately 40 hours of your life here. So why leave it a blank canvas? Own the space, like you own your job. Here are some of the must-haves to ca ll it “home”. -Photographs. A few prints truly make it personal. Not enough […] Read more…

Guide to Pursuing a Marketing Career


A career in marketing is getting more and more popular with millennials and younger. It should be with the media showcasing the glamour, the excitement, the money. Don’t be fooled. Young padawan. Like any other job industry, competition is fierce, high quality is always demanded, and the pressure is intense. Working in marketing definitely has its […] Read more…

Working Life, Military Wife

Just because it rhymes doesn’t mean it works… Boy, oh boy, I’m about to become a mom.  How did this happen? Well, I know HOW. But hoooow? I am in my mid-twenties on the upswing of my marketing and public relations career, a career that does not travel well when your husband is Active Duty […] Read more…