Just because it rhymes doesn’t mean it works…

Boy, oh boy, I’m about to become a mom.  How did this happen? Well, I know HOW. But hoooow? I am in my mid-twenties on the upswing of my marketing and public relations career, a career that does not travel well when your husband is Active Duty military.

The contacts you make, the business relationships you forge, all of the networking you do… you have to start all over when those PCS orders come in.  And let’s face it, you’re not going to be moving to the most glamorous places in the world where marketing/PR jobs are thoroughly available. Instead of New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, your family’s orders come up Norfolk, Lemoore, and Guam….awesome.

Thankfully in our 4 and a half year relationship, it’s been San Diego, Hawaii, San Diego… could be worse. Since we’ve moved back to San Diego, I’ve recently found a great Full-time PR job in San Diego. I’ve also found an increase in the number of headaches when that pregnancy stick turned positive.  How in the hell am I going to juggle a robust full-time career AND a baby AND a husband in the military?

This blog is going to chronicle that.  So sit back, and enjoy reading how am I am going to handle this semi-delicate balance….

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