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The Must-Have Products for Potty Training Success

must have products potty training

At 2 years and 9 months, our boy was fully daytime potty-trained (pee and poop) in a week. That’s right, just a week. The first four days were at home. The next three were at daycare. I wrote down an entertaining diary of sorts for that first week if you want to check out the […] Read more…

The Best Outdoor Play Toys for Toddlers

best outdoor play toys for toddlers

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than sending your toddlers outside and transforming your backyard into an awesome play space. I know my little guy loves playing outside in the backyard, front yard, or on the sidewalks of our neighborhood. Toddlers need some time outdoors to release that extra energy now that they are […] Read more…

The Must-Have Pregnancy Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money

The Must-Have Pregnancy Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money

It’s a funny thing when you get pregnant. You start searching a few topics, maybe even post it on social media. Before you know it, each and every online advertisement you’re looking at caters to pregnant moms-to-be. There’s a lot of informative shoved at expectant mothers, especially before you even have the baby! My pregnancy […] Read more…

The Must Have Products to (Finally) Help Get Your Baby To Sleep

AFFORDABLE ITEMS THAT COULD (FINALLY) HELP GET YOUR BABY TO SLEEP, parenting, motherhood, first time mom, new mom

It was 2am and my three month old had been up for three hours already. We had been yo-yoing all night with his sleep. He was fed, burped, changed, the room temperature was perfect, and my sweet little child was still screaming his head off. “Why is he not falling asleep?,” we wondered. We knew […] Read more…