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30 Military Spouse Quotes for Inspiration

Military spouse quotes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, military spouses are a tough breed.  Although we don’t serve, there’s major sacrifice and hardship on our part as well. Every once in a while, we need some encouragement to get through the tough times. Here are 30 military spouse quotes for inspiration. I’m the girl […] Read more…

30 Military Family Quotes for Inspiration

military family quotes

There are many perks and benefits to being a military family. However, there are times when the military lifestyle can test your patience and your understanding. When times get rough, sometimes a military family needs some inspirational quotes for encouragement. Here are some memorable quotes for military families. We are in this together, no matter […] Read more…

32 Funny Quotes for Deployment and Military Spouses

Funny quotes for deployment

There are plenty of encouraging and inspirational quotes to get you through deployments. But what if you just want to laugh? Sometimes a good chuckle can do wonders when you’re dealing with long distance. Here are 32 FUNNY quotes for deployment and military spouses. “Don’t be sad, laundry. No one is doing me either.” “The […] Read more…