In no particular order, here’s a common topic military couples may fight about.

Frequent separations from partners and isolated environments with members of the opposite sex (or same sex if we’re being pc) causes some people to stray unfortunately. For military couples who are separated quite often, the lack of intimacy can be quite frustrating as well.If you’re a part of military life long enough, sure enough you’ll hear of somebody who cheated on somebody else whether it was the service member or the spouse.

Building and maintaining trust is essential to a successful relationship. It is very easy to feel a little jealousy when you are separated from your partner for an extended amount of time. It’s when that jealousy escalates that can cause a problem.

How to resolve:

  • Recognize your jealousy. When you feel jealous at firsts, you rarely admit you’re jealous. It comes out in snide comments or you picking a small fight. Say something to your partner like, “I saw that you were messaging that other person back and forth and it made me feel a little weird.”
  • If they get that feeling that your partner feels jealous, reassure them that they are your one and only.
  • Just because you’re jealous doesn’t mean anything will actually happen. You’re jealous because you “think” something will happen. Try to see the situation from the perspective of an outside party. How would they react to seeing what transpired with you and your relationship?
  • Remind yourself of how awesome your relationship is. You guys have already establish trust, you just have to remind yourself and your partner of it.
  • If you don’t trust your partner or vice versa, it may be time to sit down and have a serious talk about your relationship.

Here are some other common conflicts military couples can have:

The Military
Division of Labor
The Future

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