So here I am, trying to lose this baby weight. I thought I would try the gym on base today. I figured I would check it out and hopefully it would be less crowded and less crazy than civilian gyms.


The same #gymproblems happen everywhere.

Making it to the base gyms are hard enough. It’s a good thing they’re free or low cost. When you get there and encounter these pesky problems, it’s hard to keep focus on your workout.

base gym

Definitely, Not Cool, Bro, Here are 20 annoying things at the base gym.

Empty Gym…not!
Getting excited about working out in an empty gym, then seeing a unit come in for PT

Social Hour.
Really ladies? There was a group of women huddles around the weight machines AND NOT USING IT.

Nosy Nancies.
Looking at the next person’s elliptical screen to compare is not chill. Eyes forward.

Snapping selfies.
Because gym time doesn’t count unless you post to social media. (insert sarcasm)

Too. Much. Cologne.
Can’t. Quite. Breathe.

Slamming the weights.
If you can’t lift them, why do you try?

Not putting the weights back on the rack.
You just suck at life.

Putting the weight back in the wrong spot.
It is clearly labeled.

Not wiping your sweat off the gym equipment.
*gags* gross…

Hogging the gym equipment but not using it.
Breaks are one thing (but when you’re having a full-on conversation or watching TV, it’s time to move in. Not Cool, Bro)

The American Idols hopefuls
Must you belt out Katy Perry?

The Grunters
It’s not a tennis match.

The Leerers
Stop staring, perv!

The Creepers
If it looks like I don’t want to be hit on, don’t hit on me

The Nudists
You are entirely too comfortable in the locker room…

The Attention whores
Wearing the least amount of clothes possible. Put a shirt on, bro. Pull your shorts down, lady.

Too close for comfort.
20 open treadmills, and you choose the one right next to me? …stalker.

Too close for comfort, part 2.
Invading my space during the group exercise class is not cool. MOVE OVER.

Hovering over me while you’re waiting for my machines only makes me want to go slooooower…

Not fitting properly in the exercise machines.
Short-girl problems

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