Dad Breastfeeding HelpWhen mom breastfeeds, dads can feel like they’re out of the loop. She may not want to pump or bottlefeed so dads have to try and engage somehow with feeding the baby. Because… well, they’re half yours! Here are some ways dads can REALLY help with breastfeeding.

1. Bring baby to mom

It’s the middle of the night. You know you can’t feed the baby yourself, so get up and bring your hungry baby to mom, see if you can’t calm baby down first and then hand baby to her. She’s exhausted and will appreciate not having to wrestle a baby to her boob.

2. Make her a snack

Baby’s eating, so she might as well eat too. Preferably a one-handed snack that’s doesn’t leave crumbs all over the baby’s head.

3. Bring her a drink

Nursing moms must stay hydrated. When their baby is nursing, mom usually get quite parched, so bring her some water to quench her thirst. Avoid anything sugary or caffeinated.


4. Occupy older kids/pets

The last thing a nursing mom needs are distractions. With one kid latched on, she can’t exactly corral kids/pets with the other hand. Unless, you want a very fussy, hungry baby and a possible nipple injury.

5. Prop up with pillows

Always offer her the comfiest chair. Ask if she needs the nursing pillow, or another pillow to support her back. If she’s in bed, a nice pillow beneath her feet would be helpful.

6. Wash bottles, clean pump

If mom is pumping, do her a favor and be the designated dishwasher. If she has to prepare and serve the meal, you should be ready for clean-up duty.


7. Support nipslips

If she wants to whip out the boob and feed your child in public without a cover, then you say nothing. She is comfortable with breastfeeding in public, so support her and NEVER tell her to cover up.

8. Burp and change baby

This goes without saying. She fills him up. You empty him out. No matter how many spitups or poopy diapers it takes, just think… at least your nipples aren’t getting sucked raw.

9. Don’t pout when she says you can’t play with them

They are no longer your boobs. They belong to the kid. And it certainly doesn’t feel sexy when breastmilk is leaking out of her nips. Let it go, and just stare at her butt.

10. No questions asked

The day she wants to wean baby off nursing, you applaud her for what a great job she’s done no matter how long she breastfed for. Nursing a child in this day-and-age is hard, and she should be recognized for doing the best job she could.
What are some other ways dads can help with breastfeeding?

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8 Comments on 10 Ways Dads Can REALLY Help with Breastfeeding

  1. I love this! Just finished breastfeeding my son, but will be using this with our second (hopefully) child! I’m pinning it for later.

  2. With the support mom when she breastfeeds in public, stand up for mom when people make comments about her breastfeeding around others. Especially around his family.

  3. I appreciate it when my husband keeps me company when I choose to nurse privately. My family is not very supportive so I often choose to avoid drama and nurse in a separate room. This is okay with me. However, it gets lonely with just baby and me.

  4. I think a really key thing Dads can do is just say “Thank you.”
    All these things on the list mean Thank you, but there’s something to be said for just outright saying it and often! “Thanks for birthing my baby and thanks for keeping him/her nourished in the best way possible around the clock; I alleviate everything you go through to do that! “

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