How to decorate on the cheap
How to decorate on the cheap

If you haven’t already bought your decorations after the “After Christmas” sale, then you might be in a bind for new decorations. Perhaps the decorations you have are little worse for wear. Ornaments that practically drips glitter when you barely touch it, sad looking wreaths that are all bent out of shape (literally), perhaps  half-flickering icicle lights. These are the tell-tale signs that new holiday decor is needed. But between last month’s Black Friday, and upcoming presenting shopping, money is tight. Here’s how to Decorate on the Cheap for Christmas

Buy Used-  check out ebay, craigslist, flea markets. Decorations only go up for a month out of the year. Is Home and Garden coming to take pictures of your home to publish? No? Then you can get by with used decorations. The holidays are time of giving. Not one-upping your neighbors a la Clark Griswold.

Homemade decorations- Not crafty? You don’t have to be. There are tons of craft blogs with picture-by-picture demonstrations. Utilize those holiday projects your kids bring home. To this day, my mom’s favorite ornament is the mac and cheese frame I made for her when I was in kindergarten.

Save trees- I advocate fake ones. Less of hassle every year, and I would think it’s better for the environment. Miss that fresh tree smell? Bake some cinnamon cookies and you’ll forget all about it. Even non-trees are cool. Check out these.

Scan your house for what you can use: clear glass vases (fill them with leftover ornaments), candles (wrap them with extra ribbon), extra boxes from when you got overzealous at the post office (wrap them in extra wrapping paper, and set them out as display).